Are the BNP insulting the dead British WW2 soldiers?

The BNP are using british ww2 soldiers on their battle for britain campaign leaflets.And in one of Nick Griffin's recent speeches he says

"Those ww2 soldiers who died for britain would vote BNP if they could"

Who the hell do the BNP think they are?

What gives them the right to insult the memories of british ww2 soldiers like that?

Am I the only one who finds this whole scenarion sickening.This was the BNP leader up until 2000 ( on the left)John tyndall:

Most BNP supporters admire nazi germany and yet the likes of rule "the waffen SS are cool" britannia and other bnp folk are happy to use the british ww2 soldiers who fought fascism to gain votes.

Do the BNP not care about insulting British ww2 heroes?

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    This is not fare Sceptic, first Wolfie now Anti BNP, come on Scep what are you getting out of winding people up.

    Edit, Look Scep you have even given yourself a Star, thats out of order.

    ATB Red (Only because you are my mate Scep)

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    Yes but so did Ted Heath and successive governments both Labour and Tory who have sold this country out . Immigration is an issue but any one questioning it is branded racist by PC liberals , morality is undermined by trendy celebs and left wing academics, crooks are have more rights then the law abiding majority. And to top it of our sovereignty is being sold to unelected bureaucrats on the continent creating a superstate similar to the Nazis vision. The reason why people are being seduced by the BNP is because of the above a vacuum is being created in British politics a chasm is appearing between the political and chattering class and the rest of us and it will get worse and Nick Griffin and his pals vote will grow until the elite wakes up and starts listening and giving the people there country back which what the veterans fought for our freedom. I personally will vote UKIP .

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    The BNP are the political heirs of Oswald Moseley's British Union of Fascists and of smaller Fascist and/or Nazi groups. Most of these had a cosy safe war interned as potential fifth columnists on the Isle of Man. A few had the decency to put their country first and left their parties when war broke out and signed up. Others were hanged for treason.

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    If they knew what labour did to this country they probably would vote BNP.

    Accually. most BNP supporters are sick to death of people saying thier "nazi's" and concentrating on the few idiots which the BNP get because of thier image.

    WW2 heroes fought for this country and to protect the british people.

    Muslims come over here and bomb us and you say WW2 veterans would be fine with that and carry on supporting labour??

    You're the one who is insulting WW2 hereos.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Of course they are. I have worked with many servicemen and women who served in World War II when working in the NHS. None have expressed the racist views of the BNP.

    Remember, the Nazi's in world war II executed British prisoners. I doubt many who served there would support a party based on Hitlers views.

  • tom
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    Those British soldiers, and French, Polish, Soviet, American, Australian, Indian, Burmese, etc etc etc, fought for one thing. Freedom. Freedom to live away from persecution, freedom to work, freedom to enjoy their life.

    How many british people live outside of the UK? Millions? Probably, i am one of them. How many foreigners are there in the UK, millions? People come, people go. They just want an excuse to blame someone.

    In 1930s it was the jews, they were to blame. Has anyone actually found anything any jew ever did to cause the economic problems of the 1930s, it was christian.

    The current problems were caused by bush, a sort of christian. This problem was not caused by muslims, nor by jews, nor by any other religion, perhaps atheists could be included in thopse causing the problems.

    So if you are to blame the 2 million unemployed on someone, make sure it is the right people, those around bush. The immigrants who came, came because we needed workers because the Chavs aren´t up to the task, the great british worker sitting at home on their *** doing nothing all day.

    There are hard working british people, and they generally get the jobs that are going.

    Britian fought for all people to be free, we started the war so the polish could be free and it took 50 years for their freedom to come about, now they have it, we should let them use it.

    We INVITED people over here to work because we needed them, and we treated them badly, now they are british, they are an integral part of the country. The only reason the veterans would be disappointed in their country is from what the white anglo-saxons have done, and the fact we have not managed to get rid of the house of lords, not got rid of babaric sports like fox hunting, and still many people are treated as second class citizens.

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    The treatment of our fighting forces alive, and now historically has been a disgrace by successive governments,how many returning soldiers will be able to find decent living accommodation , Jobs, etc, yet welcome is the word for all and sundry to stay in the UK, many of whom do not contribute to cost of living but are given houses, food,money,health care, this country is in one heck of a mess priorities are haywire mainly to save face with Brussels, and the EU.what a farce. and =I am not a member of BNP=

    Source(s): Eyes wide open
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    It is an insult, since those like my grandfather went to war against Nazi Germany (possibly quite needlessly, incidentally, if you accept what Pat Buchanan has been arguing of late, and I'm inclined too). For me, however, the biggest stain on the BNP is its denial of the Holocaust, or at least, it has Holocaust-deniers in its ranks. It's anti-semitic. Even Tyndall had Griffin investigated for evidence of Jewish blood! It's bloody ridiculous and belongs in Berlin circa 1935.

    True patriots of Britain, forget the BNP and leave them to measuring each other's noses, as Peter Hitchens says. Get behind his moral, social and cultural conservatism, the REAL opposition to the swines of the Labour and Tory parties!

  • danor
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    1 decade ago

    what about all the British soldiers who died fighting Muslim fanatics, did they die and are still dieing so our country could be flooded with immigrants. The soldiers that died in the last war didnt give their lives so hordes of immigrants could invade the UK

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    War has no heros

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