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anyone know the short piece of fun poetry called "What for?

the first line or two are

"One more word" said my dad, "and I'll give you what for."

"What for? I said,

"That's right" he said "What for"

I can remember other bits of it but not in the right order

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    One more word, said my dad,

    And I'll give you what for.

    What for? I said.

    That's right, he said, what for!

    No, I said, I mean what for?

    What will you give me what for for?

    Never you mind, he said. Wait and see.

    But what is what for for? I said.

    What's what for for? he said,

    It's to teach you what's what,

    That's what.

    What's that? I said.

    Right, he said, you're for it,

    I'm going to let you have it.

    Have what? I said.

    Have what? He said,

    What for, that's what.

    Do you want me to really give you

    Something to think about?

    I don't know, I said,

    I'm thinking about it.

    Then he clipped me over the ear.

    It was the first time he'd made sense

    All day.

    Noel Petty

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