Can you join the army as a soldier if you have bad eyesight?

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Even if you wear contact lenses?
What if you got laser eye surgery?
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Yes, as long as your vision can be corrected with glasses. Depending on your job in the military, you could also get into the military and then get laser eye surgery and the military will pay for it. Usually they do not allow soldiers to wear contacts because of the risk of eye injuries. I know it may seem kind of weird, but if you go to combat, you can not stop shooting because your contact fell out, and if you were to be involved in a fire (air craft crash, mortars, and more) they could melt to your eyes and cause more injuries than you may otherwise sustain.


7.5 years active army service

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thanks :-)
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  • suthyrngrl answered 5 years ago
    This type of question was answered by SGT V two years ago. See the link in What's your source:

    Yes. I used to perform physicals for the Air Force and the standards used to be your vision could be now worse than 20/200 or maybe even 20/400 as long as it was correctable with glasses down to 20/40 I believe. The vision standards are much more strict for flying personnel. If you want to be a broadcast specialist ask the recruiter to SHOW you the requirements for the job. Then when you take your physical ask what your vision was both uncorrected and with glasses. Also most important, GET IT IN WRITING. Recruiters are notorious for promising you everything.... BUT... if it is not in the contract you sign, it is not part of the agreement. One last thing..... you are not a member of the military until before shipping out to basic training you say "I do" at the end of the oath "where you swear to uphold and defend the Constituition of the United Stats of America against all enemies foreign, and domestic. Good luck and if it is not in writing on your contract ... it does not exist. Find out what the needed score on the Armed Forces Battery of Tests you must take is for the job in which you are interested. Sgt. USAF, (Retired)


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  • Jesus B answered 5 years ago
    yes you can at bct you be given the BCGs (birth control glasses) but once you get to your permanent unit you can request for the laser eye surgery which is easy and painless
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  • DietrichVonQuint answered 5 years ago
    I had fairly bad uncorrected vision. That limited my job options. While in service I got the Lasik and now I can see only fairly badly without correction! But yes, they will take you, up to a certain point of blindness.
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  • Michael b answered 5 years ago
    They will give you glasses, but they are ugly as heck


    thanx for asking
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