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My drivers door lock is broke, is it possible to put the passenger lock on the drivers side?

So far I haven't been able to find a mechanic that can do this. I don't want to buy a new lock because then I would have two different keys. If it is possible does anyone know a mechanic who can do it?

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    It depends on the car I guess but all of the cars I'm familiar with, this won't be possible as the lock assembly is unique for each door ( mirror image of the other side ).

    If you're referring to the key cylinder, that is interchangeable on many, but not all, vehicles.

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    It depends on what sort of vehicle you have. In some cases you can change the drivers door lock to the passenger side (you will need to swap the tail-pieces on the back of the locks over). However you will still have a broken lock in the passengers door.

    A better solution would be to take the lock to a locksmith who may be able to repair it, or they can re-key a new lock to your old key.

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    When you buy a new car lock, the installer will re-key the new lock to match your key. Take your car to any mechanic and have them replace the lock. When you get the car back, it'll be like nothing ever happened.

    This is a very common repair and it would be very aggravating to have to carry around different keys for different doors on your car, which is why new car door locks don't come with a set of keys (the lock is adjusted to match your key).

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    If you put the passenger side lock in the drivers side, then youll need a lock for the passenger side so that doesnt seem to make sense and i dont think it would be possible.

    Get the yellow pages and phone all mechanics in your area, there must be someon out there who an deal with it. or they might know who does do it Have you tried the big mechanics like Kwik fit and Autocentre!

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  • Anonymous
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    Depends upon the make and model and age of the car. In the UK many older Vauxhalls, for instance, have locks that are interchangeable because of their simplicity, but most cars now have an electronic facility as well as a mechanical one. Any good auto electrician should be able to advise.

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    Usually the door lock from opposite sides are not interchangeable because they turn in opposite directions. There may be some exceptions, but I don't know of any. Sometimes the rear locks from the same side are interchangeable with the front.

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    No that is not possible because it is opposite for each side. You will have to buy a new one from a dealer or go to a salvage yard and get one, bad thing about that it that the key for the ignition will not work in the door lock that was replaced.

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    Forget about changing for passenger lock. Go to a scrapyard and buy a complete set of locks for your car and replace the whole lot.

  • 4 years ago

    Go to a locksmith or call a towing company. It's the easiest and cheapest in the long run. Please get the inside handle fixed, because it's important. What would happen if the other door couldn't be opened in an emergency?

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    the lock cylinders can be re-keyed to the same key.

    if you can get the lock out and bring it to a locksmith yourself, it's cheaper. It can be done by any decent locksmith

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