help with food please !?

can you cook potatoes for an hour, then wait an hour to cook them again ?

i noo it sounds stupid but in school im making potato skins and i need to cook them first at home because i only have an hour to make then would it be ok to make then after and hour has past

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    Yes you can. Watch the how to video I posted below.

    Bake them the day before, but don't slice. Let cool then refrigerate till you are ready. They work better when they are cold anyway. You can also cook your bacon ahead, drain the grease, cool and store in a Ziploc. Just have everything ready to slap on there, just before you bake for 15 minutes. Easy and quick...You will have plenty of time if you prepare ahead. Here is a quick step by step video recipe.

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    Yes it is fine. You may have to wait longer than that to let the skins be cool enough to handle anyway. I've let them sit overnight before. Bring the precooked potatoes with you and scoop out the skins when you get there. You only have to cook them the second time long enough so the cheese melts and the bacon browns depending on what you're topping them with. Serve the piping hot skins with a side dish of cool sour cream and chives.

    Speaking from experience, make sure you use IDAHO or RUSSET baking potatoes. The skin is thicker and holds up better for this dish. If you try scooping out red potatoes or all-purpose potatoes that have been baked, the skin is paper thin and will be shredded... and you will end up pulling you hair out, and no one likes bald kids in school, so use the thicker-skinned bakers to save yourself the unnecessary embarrassment ;-)

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    Why don't you par cook them at home in the microwave and finish them off at school in the oven, and I feel sure that you will end up with a nice product.

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    Yes you can wait...I'd use some oleo or butter on the skins prior to cooking, just to keep them moist after they are cooked.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i dont think so they might burn and get hard

  • 1 decade ago

    they might be hard.

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