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How are the "highs" differant between "Crack cocaine" and "Crystal Meth"?

and i have heard "Crystal Meth" gives a high lasting 12 hours?

and crack only 20 minutes and contains and illgal substance?

why would anyone want "Crack" then?

and how is the high differant and similar in feeling?

has crystal meth use pretty much taken over the use of crack?

if so, when and how did it become known?

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    Crystal Meth does have a high that lasts longer than crack.

    Crack has a high and also a numbing agent literally from cocaine. Cocaine is illegal and to make crack you usually mix cocaine with baking powder and water.

    Crystal Meth uses all kinds of household chemicals to make it's final state for drug use. Typically the amphetimines found in OTC cold medicines which is why on some brands you have to walk to the pharmacy window to pick up and show your ID.

    The highs are about the same except that with Crack you get the numbing feeling in your throat, mouth and somtimes face (like novacaine from the dentist's office).

    Crystal Meth is more popular now than ever because all the ingredients to make it are legal. However when combined they are illegal for the intent to sell, buy or use.

    Crystal Meth has been around for centuries, however the United States saw an increase in the late 60s and early 70s. It died off in the 80s and early 90s and has recently resurfaced.

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    The difference is the Interaction in the brain differences: Meth, once it enters the blood stream, crosses thru the blood-brain barrier, stimulates the dopamine receptors to pour out dopamine and also blocks the recycle process to recover the dopamine. It takes the body 12+ hours to break down the meth to cause this activity to stop. During the time meth is actively changing brain chemistry, the body has a 3rd process which destroys excess dopamine, which is NOT blocked by meth, so the body goes about destroying a lot of dopamine for hours at a time. Cocaine, once it enters the blood stream, crosses thru the blood-brain barrier, stimulates dopamine receptors to pour our dopamine. It does NOT block the recycle process. The body takes only a few minutes to break down cocaine, which is why the "high" from cocaine only lasts a few minutes. Both cause over stimulation of dopamine receptors, causing some damage there. Meth is worse than cocaine, simply from a brain chemistry prospective, because it blocks the natural recycle process and stays in the brain for so long before the body can break it down. It disrupts brain chemistry longer, and more harshly. Meth is extremely addictive - take a look at the pictures of people who are on it - its just all wrong. Thanks Beth

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    The 2 are very different. Crack gives you a short burst of extreme euphoria, there are other minor effects but thats the main one. Smoking meth is different because, you get not as an extreme rush of euphoria, but you do get very euphoric. You are alert and awake for hours, sometimes days on end and you "speed" Not to mention crack is much much much cheaper.

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    not tried meth so cant compare them. its a dirtier drug though. search google for "faces of meth".

    Meth has been around in america for a while and is only just coming to the UK.

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    well its obv found during drug synthesis for medicine, dunno how it gets out onto streets

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