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What Do You Think Of Pen Names?

Just out of curiosity, I was wondering, of the writers on here, how many of you have pen names?

I'm pretty sure, that if I ever got published, I wouldn't use my birth name. Then, that's just my personal opinion.

How does everyone else feel about them?

sdj x

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    There are lots of writers who opt to not use their names especially if their books are somehow going to haunt them in the future.

    You have every option to NOT use your name.

  • AJ
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    I like pen names, especially if they are a word play or something to do with the story. However, if I ever get published (unlikely) I think I'll use my own name.

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    I think pen names are cool, but if I ever published something I'd want some credit for myself.

    Hence, I think the best option is to go with a variation of your real name, for example if your name was Thomas Jacob Wilkson, then I would probably use the name TJ Wilkson or Tom Wilkson.

  • Anonymous
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    I HAVE to use a pen name! I mean, anyone who picked up a book written by Katniss Roger Atreides would wonder what freaky weird imagination said person would have. (Atreides isn't my real last name, I stole that from Dune, but the Katniss Roger part is.) So, I use one out of three pseudonyms when I write. Gretchen Eaglehart for short stories, Annalise D'Eath for dramatic novels, Chloe Montana-Cruz for comedy books, and my real name for screenplays. Plenty of famous authors have used fake names. Right off the top of my head- George Sand, Geoffrey Crayon (who is Washington Irving), Diedrich Knickerbokker (who is also Washinton Irving) It's just easier not to be yourself.

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  • Jean-Claude Van Schwarzenegger.

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    I have to because I'm an asian living in London and so my name is really unusual. My second is so LOOOONG. If I do get published I might publish as Mark K as it is my middle name.

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    Pen names are cool, but if you overdo it (like Lemony Snicket) it seems a little... weird.

    If I ever published a book, I don't think I'd use a pen name unless there are certain circumstances.

    (Like if it's really weird and awkward or something along those lines.)

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    Pen names are good! They shouldn't affect you if you're a good writer with good publishingcompany or w/e.

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    I agree with you i wouldn't use my birth name either but you can say what it is if you want it's your choice.

    I like pen names.I've just posted a fan-fic and you use pen names on the site, mines phoegon by th way!

  • Erica
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    they do add a sense of mystery. i think if anything of mine ever got published i wouldnt want any of my family knowing what i really think. but people with pen names, like lemony snicket really bothers me. he really makes me want to know more about him!

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