Do you vote on unresolved questions?

if you are prepared too answer yes
for info there are now over 5 000 000 . 0 (5 million) un resolved question 's
from 1 000 000 . 0 in april 2007
every one deserves there points
Update 2: don't think the link is working will find one that does
Update 3: link is on j kay 's profile
thanks to all for answering will give a best answer
Update 4: if every one at least picked a best answer we could stop the unresolved list growing
Update 5: for info
if you click on "vote for unresolved " questions
then just under and to the left click on by date #it takes you to the older questions~you can also join the group on the link if you like
at the moment quite a few are clearing the back log in "movies "
Update 6: thanks to every one for answering
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