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Which is a good anti-virus? Norton, Macfee, Kaspersky?

I had been using Norton for some years. I was recently advised that Kaspersky is the best. However as I do not have internet facility, I find that i get more viruses unless I get updates! What is recommended and what is a good solution? Why browsing brings more viruses? Genuine advice please.Why You Tube has viruses?

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    use Kaspersky. it really did just save my computer. i had bitdefender on it and it found 2 viruses in a scan and did nothing. then bitdefender disabled my internet... so i put on symantec's internet security. did nothing. didn't find a virus. i installed kaspersky and instantly those problems were fixed.

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    Source(s): Industry Top Antivirus Software :
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    Being a Qualified I.T Technician - I feel that I am more than qualified to advise about Virus protection (I never take anything for granted). There are some good Anti-Virus Protection kits out there; but the best by far is Norton 360 by Symantec (The best 'All in One'). I don't just want Anti-virus protection, I want full protection whilst I am online from every eventuality. To be protected from Hackers, Phishers etc. It is a cruel world. We must all protect what is rightfully ours - our identity. Below is some of the things Norton 360 offers me.


    Botnet Protection

    Norton Safe Web

    Network Protection

    Automated Backup & Restore

    Norton Insight


    Norton Identity Safe

    Firewall Protection

    PC Tuneup

    Norton Browser Protection

    Norton Pulse Updates

    Hope this helps... Take care now

    Source(s): Qualified I.T Technician
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    I agree mostly. I would push Avira to 2nd or 3rd place though. And yes Bitdefender 10 should be no1. In my view Bitdefender 10 is very underestimated. It combines the strength of strong signatures of KAV, and HIVE gives it excellent proactive protection heuristics only slightly weaker than NOD32. Overall it is probably the best balanced. Overall 1. BitDefender 10 2. Kaspersky 6 3. Avira Personal Premium 4. NOD32 5. Macfee

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    I would stay clear of Norton and McAfee, from own experiences both slow down your PC and their detection rates are low. I would highly recommend Kaspersky Internet Security 2009. It scored high in this years test and is a very reliable internet security program. I'm using Kaspersky at the moment and im very pleased with it, high detection rate, easy on your PC and does exactly what it says on the tin!

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    All three are good, and have their individual pitfalls. But Pc Magazine just rated the new Norton Security Suite as the best antivirus protection without bogging down your computer.

    And yes, you will get more viruses without updates, just set whatever program you have to run automatic updates and that will solve the problem. Also set it to realtime file protection to avoid getting viruses from downloads.

    It is important to make sure your settings work to protect your computer no matter what program you use.

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    McAfee is brilliant but can be so efficient that it thinks everything including you are a virus. It doesn't just delete things you want removed leaving them in the PC memory. (Experts can retrieve them) It shreds them into the memory. If you use McAfee get your settings and preferences right. Norton is rubbish. AVG FREE is very good.

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  • M&m
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    Webroot Spysweeper. Saved me from a virus yesterday, blocked it giving me 50 seconds to say if I didn't want it blocked.

    Have the Netcraft free toolbar for risk rating sites. Also Wot.

    And a scanner - free download Avast. Also McAfee Site Adviser.

    (son is a computer fiddler).

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    I 'll recommend u to use mcafee which is being used by 40% of people in India !but quick heal anti virus is better than mcafee too!

    Source(s): personal experience!
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  • Don
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    1 decade ago a complete suite of one of these should keep you safe

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