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Can you please help with the trivia answers for US99 & other Radio Stations for March 11, 2009?

happy hump day!!! don't forget to come back and t/u the ones who answer after you :-)

Happy Birthday to my daughter Jennifer :-)


thanks for all the birthday wishes for my daughter :-)

Fred G - lol...thanks for making me laugh, i'll be passing that one on

sheb12 - lmao i enjoyed your joke too :-)

Congratulations to Marianne for getting an award for Excellence in Teaching!!!!!

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    4 O' CLOCK FLASHBACK - Kathy Mattea - (kat) - Where have you been

    5O'CLOCK TRIVIA - Hubert - (hub)

    City of the Day - (par) - Parma

    #1 Country Artist - (dia) - Diamond Reo - One more day

    Mantel's Video - (ita) - Italian Food

    Video of the Day - Sweaty Balls - (sw)

    Shopit PRO - Nimg - (ni)

    Quality Health - (dia) - Have you been diagnosed with Psoriasis? - Already in the C&P

    Country Music Trivia (b) - Blake Shelton

    Country Music Video (c) - Hi

    Games 'n eCards (red) - Red

    Hello Mr. President (b) - Theodore Roosevelt

    This day in U.S.History (a) - 50 inches

    Where in the World (a) - 53

    SLEUTH - "STRAWBERRY" - (str)

    C&P - paredhubcdiaitastrniswkat

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    US 99.5 Chicago

    Nascar - gearshift

    Taylor Swift - Our Song

    Artist - Vince Gill

    Dean's - Six Pack Milk Chugs

    Country Music Trivia - b) Blake Shelton

    Games 'n eCards - Red

    Hello, Mr. President - b) Theodore Roosevelt

    Quality Health Spring Slim Down Samples - Have you been diagnosed with Psoriasis? Trivia - You'll know you're finished when you reach our registration thank you page.

    Sleuth - Strawberry (under Starpex Obsidian Guitar Controller pg. 1)

    This Day In US History - a) 50"

    Video of the Day - sweaty balls (Frog & Obama didn't work for me. Question is still "What do you read when you see a clock?) Clock was in Best Saturday Night Live episode video.

    Where In the World - a) 53

    Happy Hump Day ! ! ! I'll have to come back later to finish reading all of them. Had to go out to barn.

    Happy Birthday to initialdmom, Marty, Art & Jennifer. Hope you all have a great time on your day.

    Yeah, Lincoln. Prayers for all and extra ones for Barb and Beecher's daughters and grandtwins, Lincoln, Memers niece, Pete & Doris, rxtech's legs and Beecher's sounds like flu and anyone else I forgot.

    Congratulations Marianne on your award. You earned it I am sure. I taught for 32 years in Chgo Public Schools. I know what teachers deal with.

    jcm (Janet)

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    Artist-Vince Gill

    Deans-Six Pack Milk Chugs

    Taylor Swift-Our Song


    Champions: A

    Games 'n eCards Trivia: Red

    Hello Mr. President: B

    Video of the Day - Obama

    Country Music Trivia: B

    U.S.History: A

    Where in the World: A

    Sleuth: Strawberry

    Happy Birthday to initialdmom 11th, Marty 11th, and John M #1 friend Art 11th also! Jennifer 11th (dispatch's daughter) Hope everyone has the greatest day possible!!!

    Congratulations to Marianne for getting an award for Excellence in Teaching!!!!!

    Thumbs up one and all Remember to come back and give thumbs up to those who have answered after you.

    Prayers and good wishes to all of families and friends..

    It's HUMP DAY, the week is half over!!!!

    US 99.5

    Joan K

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    92.5 XTU Philadelphia for March 11th

    Happy Hump Day - looking forward to all the jokes & stories

    Champions: A) 4 to 3

    Games 'n eCards Trivia: Red

    Hello Mr. President: B) - Theodore Roosevelt

    Video of the Day - Obama

    Country Music Trivia: B) - Blake Shelton

    U.S.History: A)50 inches

    Where in the World: 53

    Sleuth: N/A yet

    My 3 Songs 3/11: Jake Owen

    Country Café 3/11:

    Classic Rewind

    Make it or Break it

    Please get well to all our Trivia Family and friends

    Happy Birthday to initialdmom, Marty, John M #1, Art and Jennifer. Enjoy your cake!!!

    CountryRN27 (Marianne)

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    LONE STAR 92.5 Dallas, Texas

    Trivia for 03/11/2009

    Babes => b) Pool cue

    Classic Rock Challenge => C. Eric Clapton

    Classic Video On Demand => b) short

    Games 'n eCards Trivia => Red

    Renegade Motorcycles => $29,995

    Hello, Mr. President => b) Theodore Roosevelt

    This Day in U.S History => a) 50 inches

    Video of the Day Trivia => (Who is wearing a top hat?) Frog

    Where In The World => a) 53

    Sleuth Trivia => STRAWBERRY (Starpex Obsidian Guitar Controller pg2)


    Quality Health Spring Slim Down Samples Trivia => Have you been diagnosed with Psoriasis

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    Morning Everyone!!

    Happy Birthday Jennifer daughter of Dispatchgirl1!!!!

    Happy Hump Day!!!

    ***NEW Video*** Who is wearing a top hat? Frog

    Quality Health Spring Slim Down Samples; Under Step 1, what is question 6? Have you been diagnosed with Psoriasis?

    abc worked for; Champions; Hello, Mr. President; This Day in U.S. History; Music Trivia; Where In The World? Videos on Demand

    Sleuth Trivia; STRAWBERRY

    Video of the Day Trivia; What is written on the screen when you see a clock? Obama *****if that doesn't work try ...... sweaty ***

    Games 'n eCards Trivia; In the game Hand Slap Showdown, what is the color of the cowboy's bandana? red

    3 surveys....Celebrities in the News;Fabulous Films;World News

    WRVE The River Albany;

    The River Morning Crew's Crankin' Car Tune; gloria

    9:40 AM PASSWORD; U2 Live

    River Anything Goes Lunch Hour; hot blooded

    River Guilty Pleasure Song Of The Day; to be with you

    Kevin's Mystery Song; crazy

    Kev's word scramble;

    River Morning Crew Trivia; boston

    Today's 50,000 point winner is WRVE-FMclubmember3750

    Have a great day!!

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    Country Music Trivia - b) Blake Shelton

    Games 'n eCards Trivia - Red

    Hello, Mr. President - b) Theodore Roosevelt

    This Day In U.S History - a) 50 inches

    Video of the Day - Obama previously. Now frog

    Where In The World? - a) 53

    Sleuth - strawberry

    Shopit Pro Trivia - last site listed? - Ning

    92.5 WXTU - Philadelphia

    on air trivia

    My 3 Songs - Jake Owen (3/11)

    Country Cafe - Willie Nelson (3/11)

    Classic Rewind - A Better Man, but --- worked for points (3/10)

    Make It or Break It - Jo Dee Messina or Jessica Harp (3/10)

    Newsletter code - tickets - the icon finally surfaced :)


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    Nascar 3/11 Short Track

    Source(s): Happy Birthday Jennifer~~~~
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    Thanks everyone! Thumbs up!

    92.5 XTU

    Secret Newsletter Code: Tickets

    XTU Survey: qzc654 (Got another invitation took survey and the code is the same. Also there's no icon for points)

    My 3 Songs: Jake Owens

    Country Cafe: Willie Nelson

    Classic Rewind: --- (worked)

    Make it or Break it: JoDee Messina

    ABC for multiple Choice

    Video of the Day Trivia: Frog

    Games 'n eCards Trivia: Red

    Quality Health Spring Slim Down Samples: Have You Been Diagnosed With Psoriasis?

    Sleuth: Strawberry

    Thoughts and Prayers for all of those who need them!

    A very Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to all who are celebrating today!

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    Hotsheet: Uncomfortable Thanksgiving Dinner

    8:50" Alana

    1:35: Strides

    Behind-The-Scenes: Knuckle

    Curiously Confounding Question: Pro Hockey Team

    Toyota Hot 5: God Love Her

    5:35: Walk

    March 10

    Hotsheet: Going Country

    8:50: Spur

    Behind-The-Scenes: Gossip

    1:35: Saddle

    Curiously Confounding Question: Lighthouses

    Toyota Hot 5: River Of Love

    5:35: Seconds

    7:35: Wrangler

    Happy Hump Day!


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    Good morning everyone, HAVE A GREAT DAY!

    These Trivia answers are for Country 105, Q Nation Q107 and Country 95.3

    Country Music Trivia - B

    Classic Rock Challenge - C

    Games 'n eCards Trivia - RED

    Hello,Mr. Prime Minister - A

    Let's Go Green Canada! - A

    Sleuth Trivia -STRAWBERRY

    Sports Trivia -C

    This Day in Canadian History - A

    Rogers My Home Trivia - PROMOTIONS

    MyFunCards St.Patrick's Day Trivia - SEND FREE CARDS

    Heart & Stroke Trivia - DO YOU SMOKE



    7:00 - AS GOOD AS I ONCE WAS


    3 @ 3 -RIVER OF LOVE


    Q107 SONGS


    12:00 - THE OCEAN

    2:00 - I WON'T BACK DOWN


    THE NEW COUNTRY 95.3 -

    6:00 AM - TREES

    7:00 AM - YARD

    8:00 AM - SHRUB

    11:00 AM - CARNIVAL


    2:00 PM - RIDE

    4:00PM - GARDEN

    6:00 PM - RADIO

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