What are the dangers of diamond mining?

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    With 23.5 deaths for every 100,000 workers, mining places above industrial fishing, forestry, and agriculture.

    Dangers of mining are related to gas explosions and roof collapse. While the risks are lower in modern times, they still exist. Faulty mining equipment, flooding, dust explosions, and fire also cause a high number of incidents every year.

    In China, for example, lack of safety regulations accounts for many, if not most, of all mining accidents. Many of the mines operate without a safety license and employ inexperienced workers.

    Aside from external dangers, mining also presents a series of health hazards. Chronic lung diseases such as pneumoconiosis are less common than in the past, but still occur. Some gases, including carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and sulfur, are common in mines, and can lead to suffocation and many of these gases are explosive.

    Diamond mining presents the additional risks of using the stones to fund conflicts or wars between warring nations or people. These stones are referred to as Blood Diamonds.

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    Commercial diamond mining is relatively safe, compared to say coal mining or deep gold mining.

    Diamond mines are either alluvial - typically surface deposits, river beds where diamonds eroded from pipes are found. Here the dangers would probably be from machinery failure or flooding.

    Diamonds actually come from pipes - carrot shaped deposits which are extinct volcanoes. The dangers here would be rock falls, explosives accidents, machinery, falling down workings and again flooding.

    These are fairly typical mining accidents. Mining is a dangerous activity because you are in a dangerous environment using explosives, heavy equipment and human judgement.

    Diamond mining is less poluting than many other types of mining and it can result in environmental disaster unless steps are taken to avoid this. Frankly steps can be taken to prevent or repair the damage of most mining but frequently aren't or weren't.

    Sale of blood diamonds - yes a problem, but drugs production for example does a lot more harm. It isn't the diamonds its what the people who mine them do.

    Source(s): Worked on a couple of mines
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    There are many things and if you wish to be one you need to be prepared at least. You could get trapped in the mine or get seriously hurt.And your skin could have a serious side effects

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    Hi there , complete destruction of the local environment and fauna and bird life and ....... the list goes on, i hope you are asking from an environmental point of view , It kills everything in its path.Look for a Discovery download about just that subject and see for yourself , its criminal .

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    the mining part

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