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Why do they call a panda a giant panda?

Why do they call a panda a giant panda if there is only one type of panda. It seema a bit odd as its not really giant and they are not bred specially to be giant.


Sorry i feel stupid, i dident know there was more than 1 type of panda

Update 2:

But did they name the red panda a red panda after they discovered the giant panda because if they did why not just call the red panda a panda as it would have been the only breed of panda out there.

That is of course if they named it a red panda after they discovered the giant panda

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    The red panda was discovered first. When the giant panda was discovered, the two were thought to be related, and it was called 'giant' because it's so much bigger than the red panda. They aren't actually related, though - the giant panda is a bear, while the red panda is related to raccoons.

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    The red pandas were discovered first. the giant pandas were named after them. Except for the red part of course.

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    The other panda (the red panda) is considerably smaller, so this is a useful word to distinguish between them.

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    There are other Pandas (certainly a red one) and this is the largest.

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