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How many sense organs are there in your body?

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    Many millions.

    Touch sensors, for example, are spread all over the skin.

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    Hunger, pain, etc are feelings we have from chemical signals in our body and are basically nervous signals. We have 5 sensory TYPES, hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, tasting. We have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 mouth, 1 nose, and millions upon millions of nerves running through the body which accounts for being able to sense touching something. Some places have more nerves than others. For instance, a cut in webbing of fingers is more painful than a cut on your forearm.

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    As Robert says there are millions of individuals....Common thought says we have five..sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch... but there a many many more....

    hunger, thirst, pain, pressure,hot,cold, rough, smooth, oily, balance, bladder and rectum organs to tell us need to excrete, body position, ie every muscle has sense organs that tell the brain their position so it knows our body position in without looking as it were, head movement and i am sure there are some i have forgotten

    Oh and common sense ??? not really.... 6th sense... probably a combination of other sense organs picking up signals that we are not fully aware of.

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  • Skin (biggest organ) or nerves= sense of touch (tactile)

    Eyes=sense of sight (optic)

    Tongue=sense of taste (??)

    Nose=sense of smell (olfactory)

    Ears=sense of hearing (audio)

    All controlled by the brain!

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