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Ladies: Underwear Preference POLL?

Well I absolutely LOVE girls that wear thong underwear. At my college it seems like every girl wears them (Awesome!). So just wondering what the percentages are. How many of you are sexy thong girls and how many prefer frumpy granny panties? ha ha

Thanks Everyone!

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    I wear g strings and thongs only thats all I own.That's only if I wear jeans or shorts when I wear a skirt I wear nothing =-pp

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    classic cotton briefs, boy shorts, boxers, bikini panties (the low cut kind, so no wedgies).

    I hate all underwear with seams up the middle, I don't like funky fabrics, I don't like granny panties because they're too high and I've only ever found two thongs that I like. Consequentally, they're the same brand XD

    But, honestly, I'm a jeans girl, so thongs are just silly for me.

    Source(s): Seriously, though, are you willing to walk around in a thong for a day?
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    Umm I prefer panties (not granny) just regular panties like the ones at VS.

    I wear thongs when I'm not wearing jeans though.

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    I don't wear thongs really, I'm not allowed to because of my parents for who knows why! And no, y would I wear granny panties>!>!

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    Granny panties, no. They feel like a diaper. Thongs, no. They feel like a permanent unpickable wedgie, extremely uncomfortable. If you are so enamored with thongs, then you wear the disgusting things!

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    Granny panties over thongs anyday! To much of a breeze with thongs if you know what I mean. I don't wear granny panties but I wear like the bikini style underwear.

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  • Well I prefer thongs or boy cut because I hate pantie lines. Wearing tightt jeans and having pantie lines is not cute.

    You cant even feel thongs.. I get wedgies easier with panties then i do thongs.

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    i wear boxer shorts and thongs granny panties are ssoo ewwwww!!! boxers r so loose and comfy but thongs r SEXY

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    No Thongs.. Commando

    Source(s): Savanna
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