Why does drinking alcohol make me horny?

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its a serious question!
Is there something in the alcohol that makes me horny, or is it something else?
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same here. think its jsut cause u loosen up and get more self confindence when uv been drinking so u become more aware of what u want if u know what i mean.

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  • Johnny answered 5 years ago
    Its because you lose inhibitions and your natural thoughts come out. Also apparantly women feel hornier when their bladder is full.
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    where do you drink
    no seriously, my wife used to be the same.xx
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  • Andrew H answered 5 years ago
    i would love to know it does the same to me can not perform with out it
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  • Etherglide answered 5 years ago
    Alcohol is a disinhibitor.
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