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My dog in lots of pain. Please help?!?

Ok, so I have a 1 year old beagle puppy, and he is in a lot of pain. Every time I come home from school, he jumps up and starts crying for you because he is so happy to see you. But today when I got home, he just sort of cried a little but didn't really jump like he always does. Now he is just walking around, and not running like he usually does. You can tell that he doesn't want to run or do very much of anything, and it is depressing.

I will tell you how he hurts. Every time he tries to jump up, he will screech. My dad and I checked him out, and it seemed that every time we lifted him up in the front and lifted his leg up, he would screech a little. Please help and tell me what you think! =(


WOW does anyone shut up about the vet?! I know that but my dad just wants to give him a day and check for tomorrow, plus THERE IS NO VET OPEN IN MY AREA.

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    Hi it sounds like he has strained or pulled a muscle in his leg does he limp on it at all does it look swollen or crooked more than normal for his breed? You need to take him to a vet especially if he is in a lot of pain. They can give him something for the pain and check his leg out really good and see if anything is broken. Be sure to check the pad on his foot also to make sure there isn't a thorn or a sticker in there.Is this a front leg or a hind leg? They can hurt the cruciate in the hind leg sometimes. It's best to have him seen. If you can't today but can tomorrow you could put an ice pk on the leg for 15 min. that is wrapped in a towel and then take off. In a hour put it back on again. You could give him 1/4 of a BABY aspirin for the pain. But be sure to get him help okay. Good Luck!

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    You asked this question about 45 mins. ago. This is a no brainer (which I believe I mentioned before that you and your dad should have been able to figure out). The dog needs to go to a vet. If you and your dad couldn't figure it out that's really sad. Crying, screeching, and acting unusual are all indications that something is wrong. Obviously you didn't like all the previous answers telling you the same thing, but it's not going to change so take the dog to the vet.

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    Ok, let me ask you this. Just what would you consider a 'vet emergency'?

    Get the poor dog in to the vets and have them see if he's got a broken bone, cracked bone, damaged ligament, piece of glass in the leg, a bite, a sprain, or whatever. Waiting for it to go away can cause more problems than it's worth and the dog is going to be in constant pain.

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    Pulled ligament/muscle or torn. Do not encourage the jumping up any more. Let him rest and if he is still showing signs of pain by tomorrow, get him into the vet.

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    it could be many things. His claws could be jabbing him if their too long. He could also have pulled a muscle or even broken a bone. Take him to the vet for an x-ray. I know they're expensive but a dog is a member of the family =)

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    when you are in pain, what do you do? i personally go to the doctors to get checked out. take your beagle to the vet! or animal emergency room.

    maybe the dog hurt his leg jumping off or around. my dads boxer was limping for a few days, but she seems to be better now.

    hope your beagle gets better soon!

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    He could have just pulled a muscle. Or he could have sprained or broken something. Better safe than sorry. Take him to the vet.

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    I think your dad needs to take him to the vet first thing in the morning...if not tonight.

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    how come your parents haven't taken the animal to the vet?

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    Take him to the vet asap!!! if he's injured or sick he needs treatment immediately!

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