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Do liberals buy gas and heat their homes?

I can't wait until gas prices and home heating bills skyrocket due to Obama buying into this global warming nonsense. Cap and trade will kill this country. Don't comment if you haven't heard about this new tax coming. He will tax businesses who will pass it along to us.


Daily Elitist...You think France has a good economy? I don't buy that you have an MS in Economics.

And you really recommend doing this in the middle of a recession. Wow. I guess we'll wait and see.

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    Funny you should ask.

    I'm conservative. Not being a rich conservative, I keep my home in the low 60's in winter to save on heating bills. So I was really offended to hear candidate Obama lecturing the public in that holier-than-thou voice, telling us that we "can't keep our thermostats at 74 any more."

    Now Obama is our president. It's winter. And every doggone picture I see of Michelle, she's showing off her bare arms. I'd love to know how high the heat is turned up in the White House. I can't afford to keep my house warm for my own family, but my tax money is going to keep the millionaire Obama family so cozy they don't even need to wear sweaters in the winter?

    Something's just not right.

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    "Do liberals buy gas and heat their homes?"

    Yes. Most of us realize that we will have to pay a bit more in the short-run; it's unfortunate, but necessary. The choice is either pay a little bit more now in order to move the country to sustainable energy sources and improve the energy efficiency of our economy, or pay a hell of a lot more later as our oil reserves continue to dry up. The latter option also involves putting our economic future into the hands of petrocrats like Hugo Chavez. Me, I'd rather pay a bit more now, but of course I actually care about the country.

    "Cap and trade will kill this country."

    Yeah, like it's killed Canada, Germany, and France. Oh wait - those are the countries who suffered the least from high energy prices?! And consequently, they have the most well-capitalized financial systems and most healthy economies in the world?!

    Oh, well... Looks like your talking point/claim is thoroughly refuted by objective fact. Thanks for playing though.

    # Edit #

    France has many economic problems, but they and the Germans have largely escaped the worst of the current crisis. It is far too early to tell how this will all pan out, but slow-and-steady may well end up winning the race after all.

    Source(s): MS in economics
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    You are a negative person. To wish for something bad is not good. How could anyone wish that our gas prices would skyrocket ? Shame on you. I wonder what else you wish for that is so negative? Did you have a negative childhood? I bet you ride a bike

    There is no one in my Family on Welfare and never has been.

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    Well by then maybe we will be using less fossil fuel and using green energy so it will even out. We know the gas prices will rise no matter what. Gouging people is what they do best. By developing green energy we can be free from that dependence.

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    Yes, but after 'change' occurs, people making over a certain amount of money will have to pay energy bills for the 'less fortunate.'

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    Let's put it this way - they have AL GORE getting Noble Peace prizes and preaching Global Warming and conservation while flying around on a big private jet - hypocritical much???

    Let's just keep taxing the people and the business's that make our country great and successful and reward the ones who fail - yeah - that's the way for future prosperity.

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    yes they do but they will follow there messiah over a cliff if it comes to that , maybe there willing to pay more money just to have obama as president .

    we could call it a to have obama as pres tax and they would think it was a great idea .

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    Liberals are all on welfare...we do not drive cars anymore and most of us are homeless because only Liberals were the ones holding guns to bankers heads making them loan us money to pay for houses we cannot afford.

    Guess this "new" tax will not affect us at all.

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    Shocking, another neocon hoping for misfortune in America.. what proud patriots these guys are...

    Yes, I pay gas and heat my home... I'm not worried, and I hope America succeeds.

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