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pescatarian, your views?

Im a new pescatarian, i dont like the thought of killing animals and eating them, but everytime i tried being a vegatarian i failed, so i decided i will be a pescatarian and gradually become vegatarian, and it seems to be working, i dont have cravings for a bacon sandwich anymore, so i thought that was good, but when i looked at past questions about pescatarians, the answers have all been negative!! is it really wrong and pointless what i am doing now? please let me know your views


thes answers are very interesting thankyou

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    Coming from a vegan, I say it's not wrong and have cut certain animal products from your diet, and that is more than what most people in this world do. I find it silly that people give pescatarians negative flack, because the way I see it, any progress in the name of animals is progresss nonetheless, and I respect you fully for even being semi-vegetarian; whether it be in the name of animal's rights or not.

    I also believe that, while it is no doubt an inhumane industry, just as is human genocide and abusive regime's of countries, each person has the right to eat meat if they wish...and I believe I should accept this- NOT because of moral obligation, but because of the current social aspect this world views the meat industry in. Most don't think the industry is "too horrid" so they eat, and if they do, then they cringe a little at abuse and continue eating meat because it's too good to give up. However, I don't object to educating people about the issues at hand with animal industries...I want to, but on the other hand I respect that after they have seen the true nature, it is their free right to decide to still eat meat or not.

    So, basically, thanks for being pescatarian, and don't let the negative views of others bother you.

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    It's your lifestyle so it's completely up to you. Don't let other people biased views put you off.

    But this is what I think:

    Fish is very healthy for you, a lot more healthier than certain meats so if they're not cutting out fish for the health benefits, I don't have a problem with pescatarians.

    If they're a pescetarian for ethical reasons ie. they hate the thought of an animal dying for them, that I do not understand. Since when has a fish not been an animal? It's like, they feel sympathy for any animal other than fish which is very hypocritical.

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    Hey, it's a start. Vegetarianism, veganism, pescatarianism- it should be more about what you do do to make an effort, rather than what you don't do. It only freaks people out and pushes them away if you beat them up over it. I'd been vegetarian my entire life- even was vegan for a bit (about 2 years) and refused to buy leather (highschool), I was made fun of constantly for it but I stuck to my guns. Eventually I went back to being vegetarian and then eventually became a pescatarian (thanks to Nobu, I guiltily eat fish about 3 times a year), but I do not eat dairy (allergies). Because of those 3 meals a year, I am a pescatarian and would be a liar if I said I was veggie. I am working on not eating fish at all... after all, I spent 25 years as a vegetarian. I'm happy when people do whatever they can-- even if it means only cutting out red meat or only eating free-range, etc. At least it's something and hopefully it will lead to something more.

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    If it's working for you then go for it. Don't let other people decide your diet. There is nothing worse than self righteous vegetarians and vegans! :]

    Starting off pescatarian is how I did it, and I'm vegan now. it makes it a lot easier than going "cold turkey". Not only does it make it easier craving wise, but it gives you time to adjust your recipes and eating habits so that you can be vegetarian in a healthy way.

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    They are just tired of people calling themselves vegetarian and still eating animals like chicken and fish, while they are still animals-- not vegetables. That's what most of the negatives I've read have been about. Some people feel strongly about treating all animals the same, as do I, and may have different views. If you're progressing to vegetarianism by eating fish and less other animal flesh, then good for you. You rightly called yourself a pescetarian, so you won't touch any raw nerves with people. :-P It's not pointless. There are many pescetarians who feel just as strongly about their own choices.

    No ovo-lacto vegetarian should beat you up about eating fish or get on a soapbox and yell at you, because the cows that produce the milk they drink, and the hens that make their eggs are often fed fish meal in their feed. Surprise! After many years of thought, I believe that pescetarians who eat fish caught in the wild-- who do not eat dairy products actually do similar harm to animals as a vegetarian who eats dairy products purchased from the dairy industry, and eggs purchased from the egg industry. But it's seen by vegetarians as more distasteful because fish is actual flesh from a directly killed animal. In principle, I agree with that, and I started out as a vegetarian. In the dairy industry, cows must be kept in a continual cycle of pregnancy to keep producing milk. Baby cows are taken from their mothers and the males are killed for meat-- so that people can drink mama's milk instead of them. The dairy industry directly supports the veal industry. Cows are often culled and killed when their milk production drops or when they become ill-- with mastitis for example. They go on to become hamburger meat. No one has to check with an animal rights group... they can verify that with the USDA.. It's a fact too, and one of the reasons why I made the tough choice to give up cheese and go vegan long ago. In the egg industry, male chickens are picked out and killed at the hatchery where they produce chickens that will go on to lay eggs. Only the females lay eggs-- The males are killed because they have no value to the hatchery. The females go on to lay eggs, where they are often packed into battery cages with about as much living space as one sheet of paper. They have their beaks cut so they won't peck other hens in the cage with them. When their egg production declines, they are pulled out, killed, and replaced with other hens who can lay more eggs to make the farmer money. So there is little room for an ovo-lacto vegetarian to judge harshly a pescetarian who wants to eat less animals and move towards eating even less animals.

    It's a crazy world. We all make the best choices we can, and do what we feel is right. Any time someone makes the decision to eat less meat, or go vegetarian, or go pescetarian, they are making a difference for animals, for themselves, and for the environment.

    If you must eat fish, please eat caught wild fish rather than farmed fish! (and consider moving towards veganism. :D ohhhhhhhhhh! had to sneak that in.)

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    Don't leave it up to other people to decide for you! Eating fish is healthy, but so is being a vegetarian. It's up to you.

    Besides, you're doing it for the animals. You said that you wish to gradually become a vegetarian, and I don't see any problem with taking things slowly.

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    Pescatarians are ok, at least they are only eating fish and not other animals. At least you don't call yourself a vegetarian.

    I hate it when people call themselves vegetarians when they eat fish

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    call yourself whatever. Just don't spoil your gastronomic pleasures and your life over some trend. Do what you have to do. If you think killing animals is bad so then you don't eat them, than I respect that. But DO IT. GO all the way. It's like circumcision. You either do it or don't. there is no half way about it.

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    You can do whatever you want. I personally believe that the slaughter of animals is wrong, and therefore I don't eat them. However, I also think that people should not try to force that on others, which is why I don't like Peta. Just tell them, "You, vegetarian, are welcome at my table. Your sanctimonious attitude, however, AIN'T."

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    Not everyone can go cold turkey

    and your taking it at your own pace

    Its not pointless because you will gradually become

    a vegetarian like you said

    good luck :)

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