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POLL:Mcdonalds or KFC?

Mcdonalds or KFC?

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    They'll both kill you. Literally. Tell yourself anything else and you are deluding yourself.

    I feel much better now that I don't consume that sugar-laden crap. KFC & McDonalds are also bad for food producers and bad for workers, too.

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    Like Both but McDonalds over KFC more variety

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    KFC > Mcdonalds

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    1 decade ago

    KFC. McDonalds is McFilth.

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    1 decade ago

    I don't eat that stuff anymore but I remember what it all tastes like and I always liked Kentucky fried chicken better. Two piece, cole slaw, mash with gravy, and a biscuit. Mcdonalds never did it for me, the meat felt as if there was bone fragments in it (come to find there really WAS!) and the fries were to thin and soggy for my taste.

    I have to repeat that I do not eat fast food anymore. I strongly advise against it.

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    This is a trick question.

    KFC does Chicken McDonalds does Burgers

    Original or Crispy Big Mac or Quarter Pounder

    Both are the best at what they do.

    Excellence without comparison.

    Smart tastes vary between the two fast food icons.

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    KFC ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    McDonald's is trying to, like, take over the world! They even opened one in Disneywold YES DISNEYWORLD! My friend and I are "Anti-McCustomers" and have tried to persuade people not to eat at fattening McDonald's anymore.

    Did you know that McDonald's alone is responsible for over 5% of obesity alone? Yeah, I know KFC's not much better, but it is a LITTLE bit.

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    i'd have to say mcdonalds. there's a lot more variety there, and when i eat at kfc, get a stomachache. but i like both.

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    i love the mashed taters and popcorn chicken!

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