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Whom is the music equivalent to McDonalds?

Easy, served to millions but looked down upon by real Chefs who are far talented in cuisine then McDonalds food, which is everywhere, and which is simple and bad for you. I say the Jonas Brothers!


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    No because even though McDonalds is cheap and overproduced and bad for you, I still get a craving for it every once in awhile! I say it's something like Nelly Furtado. I know I SHOULDN'T listen to it, but it's so darn catchy and I get an urge to listen to it every now then. xD

  • Sorry you're wrong The Jonas brothers? Miley Cyrus?

    They aren't McDonalds, if anything they're Taco Bell. Marketed to the young kids as somehow being hip (despite it just being the same six items rearranged endlessly), its doesn't taste like actual mexican food (music), your dad can't stand it, & you end up with diarrhea.

    U2 is McDonalds. It doesn't taste particularly good, but it is still around unlike all the other great restaurants you actually enjoyed eating at. Bland enough to appeal to both grandma and a picky five year old. Inoffensive cheap, disposable, and located everywhere. Better than eating at a random greasy spoon, but they'll never be special or memorable. Capable of product placement (entourage.) Oh, and if you listen to a lot of them, you'll end up as nauseous as you do after being conned into getting a twenty piece Mcnugget.

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    Jonas Brothers

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    This is a very interesting question. The way I see it, you have to find the band with a very wide demographic (to reach the whole family) and a pop creation. Something built by producers, something easily recreated. I think the Jonas Brothers, Hanna Montana, etc. are the equivalent of Happy Meals, a specific menu item aimed at someone younger. Part of me actually wants to say one of the American Idol winners. Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson are the main artists that come to mind for me. I am with you on the train of thought that lands you at the Jonas Brothers, but I would want something that appeals to a wider age range to represent McDonalds.

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    Jonas Brothers


    Bring Me The Horizon

    Enter Shikari

    Every rap artist in existance

    You Me At Six

    My American Heart

    All American Rejects

    Boys Like Girls

    and basically every other limp-wristed pop-punk-emo-crap band shoved with those last few bands.


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    Miley Cyrus. The Jonas Brothers are more like the Burger King of music: Somewhat better than McDonald's, but still not good for you.

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    I don't know if the Jonas Brothers would fit that. Cause McDonalds taste fine imo. I'd just never eat there...Gotta fit in the jeans y'know? (I mean if you look at it that way, I totally agree. But JB doesnt taste OR sound good lol)

    Or actually, now that I think about it again, I guess it would be JB. I'd never listen to them, and a lot of people would (and actually enjoy it =P).

    Good question, I agree with you.

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    McDonalds may be simple and bad for you but nearly everyone has it every once in a while and probably likes something they have.

    I'll probably be chastised for saying this but i'm gonna say KISS. Simple music that short and to the point and most people like a song or two even if they're not big fans.

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    I totlay agree with you.The Jonas brothers fit your description exactly.

    And then they were on Saturday Night Live. That made me so sad.

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    when i first saw this questin my mind went right to metallica. i mean no disrespect i am a huge fan and never say anything negative about them they are in my top 3.

    however i do think NOW sooo many people bad mouth them and say they sold out *which is sh** but i see it time and time again on here.

    in my opinion thats a bundle of crap however i think people do kinda look at them now as the mcdonalds of rock n roll

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