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Anonymous asked in TravelEurope (Continental)Other - Europe · 1 decade ago

Basic facts about the Czech Republic?

I've been selected as one of the finalists to go on a two week trip to the Czech Republic and I have an interview tomorrow with the president of the sponsoring organization. I think he are going to ask questions about its history and culture. While I know some historic events and background, can you give me some generalizations, perhaps analysis on the country-- a general feel for it.

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    tartu222 got a few valid points... I'm not sure when he lived in the CR but I think he made certain generalizations that are unfair...

    there are certainly issues to be addressed related to Romas (aka: gypsies)... however, most of his answer was about how one group of people thinks that they're better than the others...

    also, I find his comment:

    "They seem like really nice people until you ask them about Romas (aka:gypsies). There is institutional and de facto racism like you wouldn't believe here. "

    ....rather offensive and completely untrue... it's like me saying that because some African Americans or the Natives/Indians have been mistreated, the US is a country of racists... wouldn't Americans find that offensive?

    Also, the Czech Republic is _NOT_ in Eastern Europe but in CENTRAL Europe...

    I believe that's not what your question was about...

    Here's a few historical events I think you should be aware of:

    1918 - after the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy was dissolved, Czechoslovakia (and other countries) were created

    1938 - based on the Munich Agreement (called Munich "betrayal" by Czechs), Hitler's army annexed the Sudetenland and the rest of the Czech Republic a few months later, Slovakia declared independence and becomes Hitler's ally

    1948 - after the WW2, the Communist party wins the election and starts making dramatic changes towards becoming a dictatorship regime (changes in the Constitution etc.)

    1968 - Prague Spring, Alexander Dubček tried to introduce "Socialism with human face"... this "experiment" was crushed by the Warsaw pact armies when Czechoslovakia was invaded on Aug 21, 1968 and Soviet troops were stationed in the country till 1990.

    1989 - the Velvet Revolution, the fall of the Communist regime in the country

    1993 - Czechoslovakia splits into two independent countries Czech Republic and Slovakia

    2004 - Czech Republic (along with 9 other countries) becomes an EU member...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Societal roles are gender driven. Men do the work and the drinking; women to the work and the housework. They are the most atheistic country in Europe, although they "Thank god' a lot.

    They seem like really nice people until you ask them about Romas (aka:gypsies). There is institutional and de facto racism like you wouldn't believe here.

    If given the choice between one Czech becoming as wealthy as his neighbor or having his richer neighbor become as poor as he is, the average Czech would rather have the neighbor lose all that he has.

    They get up early for work. They would rather travel for two hours everyday to work for 39 years at the same job than ever think about relocating.

    If you are from Prague you are better than people from Bohemia, and if you are from Bohemia you are better than people from Moravia, and if you are from Moravia you are better than people from Slovakia. Romas don't count as now we're talking about 'animals'.

    I'm not making this up. I've been told these very things by Czechs.

    Source(s): Ex-pat American living in Eastern Europe.
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  • 1 decade ago

    whew boy....the Czech Rep. is a pretty savvy and intellectual place for all it's blackish humor and beer may just want to do some reading. May I recommend, The Politics of Culture by Antonin Liehm. it s a group of essays from prominent writers, thinkers, etc.... prior to the fall of the Wall and the velvet honest and look them in the eye when you toast that beer...

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    It's an amazing place- one of my favorites! Good luck.

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