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Who manufactures the best power tools?

Ive have recently been let down by my hitachi sds drill and 9' grinder, apparantly im not the only one either! They always used to be a very reliable manufacturer but maybe not any more? What does everyone think?

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    The best power tools are FESTOOLS without a doubt, they are expensive, but you get what you pay for.

    Milwaukee/Makita/Bosch (blue range) are all top quality power tools and the only makes i use.

    DeWalt has gone down hill ever since Black/Decker bought them, Their battery's don't hold a charge for long and the gears on their drills are also suspect. Lots of tradesman are binning DeWalt because of quality issues.

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    I have a couple of Hitachi 18 volt drills and they work very well, but like most power tools the quality of the newer one's is probably getting worse, Makita used to be very good and then they went to S**T, I just bought a Milwaukee reciprocating saw and it has been good so far, and my Dewalt cut off saw I've had for years. I even bought a couple of Powerfist (sort of a brand name for a local store in Canada) grinders a 7" and 5" only paid $30 and $40 each and they've been used almost everyday for over a year and never had a problem with them.

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    For power tools overall, yes Bosch. Makita wins my vote for drills and routers though.

    Bosch or dewalt for a grinder. OR, the cheapest crap you can find if it's only for the very odd job.

    Remember to abuse the 16 money day back guarantee at Argos in the UK. Use the tool, and take it back ;o)

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    i am a joiner have only ever bought makita except for radial arm saws ( Always dewalt} the problem is like most things now the quality gets worse however if you want an sds drill do yourself a favour and buy a makita HR 2400 if you can still get them i have had 3 in 27 years one died after severe abuse the second is still in my van and the third is still in the box brand new old model but fantastic rotary stop sds and the only other tool i would recommend is an elu router, model number MOF 96E and if you find one of them you really have struck gold...good luck

    Source(s): joiner 27 years
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    No-one. They are all made to a price not to a quality and you only get what you pay for. Many such as Black and Decker are fashion items, intended for disposal after a single use, other makes are so badly designed they are virtually unusable. Of all the makes possibly Bosch and Makita are marginally better but only at the top end of their ranges.

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    i have a bosch sds drill which as never faulted on me,i always use makita cordless drills,i dropped a makita off some scaffolding once 2 years ago,two storeys up onto concrete below and i still use it today.

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    They say dewalt is good but they are very expensive. black&decker owns dewalt so i don't no if they are the same quality tools. I bought a bosch power tool which has a life time guarantee for diy use but not for professional use

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    Cordless Drill - DeWalt

    Planer - Bosch

    Circular Saw - Skil

    Jigsaw - Makita

    Router - Trend

    SDS Drill - Bosch

    Chopsaw - DeWalt

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    I have tools made by almost all the manufacturers. This is because i don't feel any of them make the best of all tool types. If I pick up a tool, and it is not comfortable, I sit it back down and keep looking.

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    I've always liked Dewalt or Makita.

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