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can you get compensation from a burglary if you haven't got insurance?

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    you can get compensation but only if they catch the culprit and they get prosecuted for it. The Court will award the compensation

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    Only if (1) the court finds the burglar guilty and orders that he make restitution to you for the items he took or (2) you sue the burglar in civil court for conversion. If you don't know who the burglar was, then you are probably out of luck. However, if you have ever used any of the stolen items as collateral for a loan (for example, used your TV for collateral on a small loan from a finance company), then you probably have insurance on the item through the finance company.

    Source(s): atty since 2000; had house broked into once and learned that some of the items were insured through a finance company I had a loan with
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    You can ask the court to order the defendant to pay restitution if they are found guilty/plea guilty.

    A few notes:

    1) Go talk to a victims advocacy group to help you out with how to ask. Talk to the prosecutors office on which groups work in your courts.

    2)Make sure you show up for any court dates related to the case. This will ensure that you get to make a statement if you want.

    3)Keep in mind that while the defendant might be ordered to make restitution to you, but it may be hard to actually get any money from the defendant.

    Source(s): Work in the court system.
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    If you had no locks on your house and the bulgler stole your stash of crack and a bunch of cash, Obama might bail you out.

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