ARRRRRGH who else has virgin media broadband?

It is so slow i get so board while it is loading i would actually play with a rubix cube.

And the thing that annoyes me the most is when you see those adverts about 50mb broadband more like 50 kb

Anyone else have the same problems?

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    1 decade ago
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    If Virgin Media Broadband is promising you 50mb then thats what you should get, but you will never always receive 50mb, it can be up to 50mb. Firstly open up task manager, click Networking tab

    then at the bottom where your internet connection is check the 'Link Speed' and see what that says, mine says 54mbps

    Then go to, run a test from a server as close as possible to you. Then you get your results in KBps which you will have to google to find an address to convert it into mbps and you can see if your connection is going on average what it says you should get.

    Ok then go to and put in your result and make sure you select kbps then look at the mbps result and see what the result is.

    So you were offered 50mb from Virgin Media, can you provide me with an IP address so i can run a speed test on your internet and keep a track on it for a while and see how often it changes, You can get your IP address from

    They can always allocate you 50mb but it doesn't mean it will give you that.

    So yeah i'll run some tests on your internet and see if virgin is giving you what they say they are. I'll run a test over tomorow morning, I'll take the test every 30 minutes for like 2 hours and send back a report of your internet speed.

    Internet can be slowed down by people sending 'packets' to your computer which allocates space on your computer which is also known as a 'DOS attack' Have a look on google about DOS attacks for further information (I'm not saying you're being DOS'ed i'm saying its something that could be took into concideration)

    Did Virgin give you a router? If so try connecting to your router, normaly (If not do the following:

    Start, Run, cmd, ipconfig, - Where it says 'Default Gateway' type that in your internet browser (Include the http://)

    Then enter a username/password (If you've not changed it its)



    Or admin / pass (or password)

    Then you can take a look through your router for more statistics on your connection to the internet, and it should say what speed the internet is connecting at.

    How many computers do you have connecting to the internet in your router? If you have lets say 4 computers on your network, and you've got 50 mbps internet

    4 computers

    50 mbps

    (50 / 4 = 12.5)

    So each computer will be at 12.5 mbps.

    But as i said above you're not guaranteed your 50mbps internet they say that, you may get it some times but not always ;)

    Sorry for such a long post and probly none of this has helped but i hope it has ;) I don't have Virgin myself i use Sky.

    If you're using Wireless Internet, it can also depend on the speed your router can send out and what it can send/receive on your wireless network card/adapter. Also visiting a website could have different speeds on it depending on the servers link. and you will find some websites will run extremely slowly, for many reasons, Server is over-loaded / Lots of people on the website, Bad Internet Connection (not fast), There could be alot of stuff that is required to be downloaded (images) to run the page.

    Theres tons of reasons its realy hard to explain.

    So if you cannot manage to find out whats going on with your internet speed soon then all i can say is get in contact with Virgin Media and tell them that they said upto 50mb broadband and you don't think you're getting what they said.. But they'll probly just say they did say "UP TO" which is a big word.

    I'll edit this post tomorow morning i'm tired and need sleep.

  • John M
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    1 decade ago

    Remember that your speed will also depend on the internet site you are visiting (you cant download faster than it can upload) and also do you use a wireless modem? Some are only 11mb. You need at least a 54mb if you have a 50mb connection. Worth checking with a speed test site as mentioned, but be prepared the problem could be your end as well!

  • 1 decade ago

    haven't got virgin broadband but i have loads of problems with bt im beginning to think its all a lucky dip

  • mike H
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    1 decade ago

    goto and check the speed from here, virgin are always boasting of true internet speeds, so contact them with your findings,

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  • 1 decade ago

    yeah there tech support probably knows more than any of us so call them up

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