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Feeling guilty for feeling?

Do you ever have a really cr@p day and feel very down and sad, but then feel guilty for feeling sorry for yourself?


I just feel like i want to go to bed and stay there and cry my heart out, but then i think "for christ sake snap out of it woman"!.

Update 2:

Flora - yes, tomorrow has to be a better day.

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    Oh yes, I do know exactly how you feel. Do you know why you feel like this? It's called having a heart, it just means that you are sensitive and that you care, and that you are a very considerate person. People like us tend to get crushed easily because we kind of carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. What I mean by that is that we kind of feel guilty about almost anything that happens to others even if we have nothing to do with it. You see some people at times like to target people like us as punching bags because we can easily be emotionaly shaken. Kind of a guaranteed satisfaction from getting a reaction.

    Here's a little secret I will tell you that can make a big difference on how you will feel about days like that:

    Did you know that when people talk down to you or try to crush you, that they are actually revealing their own weaknesses. If someone, for example; tells you that you are a lousy employee, then what that means is that, that person deep inside feels insecure about his own competence. Insecure people like to crush others to make themselves feel better. They try to correct what they perceive as being flaws in others, when in reality it's their own inner insecurity that's eating at them and causing them to snap at others. When someone treats me that way, I try see that person as being "confused" and at best as I can, I try to not take it personaly because I didn't do anything wrong and whatever is eating that person is not my problem.

    Another thing I would also like to toss at you as an advice is:

    When you feel like that, when you have those down days, look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Because you have somthing to be very proud of, and you should never frown upon it because you actually have a functional heart, not many people out there is equipped with such a heart. You care, you are considerate that's why you have such feelings of despair at times. It's a big sign that says that you are a good person. And don't forget as well, that you are only human and that it's not normal to always be in a cheery mood, your not a machine, you are not supposed to be perfectly happy and extremely productive all the time. Take it easy and, treat yourself with the respect that you deserve and put that good heart of yours on a piedestal.

    I realy feel for you and hope this helps!

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    Yeah I have those days ... Some days like you I just wanna go cry in the corner all by myself.

    The best thing to do is to actually go cry and it will make you feel tons better ... It sound weird but some days I love to cry it just releases it all.

    Don't worry you will probably feel fabulous tomorrow, that always happens to me ... I feel really crappy one day and then the next day I feel like i'm on top of the World.

    I hope you feel better. x

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    Yup all the time - and i say the for christ sake bit to - but it doesn't make a blind bit of difference, it just has to pass, everyone has days like that, some people more than others though!

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    Yeah, totally. What can u do? Just move on and decide that tomorrow won't be one of those days

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    not really but i can tell u this. ill have a really crappy day and take it out on people and THEN i feel guilty. i hate doing that too. i hate it.

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    do not worry we all have these days?good sleep to night and tomorrow is another day? here is a wee cheer up for you?

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    everyone has those days

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    hell ya, i hate those days lol

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