I cannot access the add and remove programs section on my control panel. It give me a error RUNDLL?

C:\windows\system32\shell32.dll saying access is denied?
Update: just_me - ive tried that but no luck i still cant access add and remove.
Update 2: just me - nope add and remove wasnt found, its not just the add and remove..now i cant seem to open anythin in my control panel..
Update 3: just me - i just did wot u mentioned but nothing opend up..
Update 4: yep i see the files
Update 5: What will that do?
Update 6: it is RUNDLL the error box appears up on screen saying:

error loading C:\windows\system32\shell32.dll

access is denied
Update 7: just me- it workedd!! your last advice! thank you soooooooooo much! ive been trying to fix this thing all day and the simple sollution only took couple of seconds! thanks again really apreciated your help!!
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