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Should I Start Roloson Against San Jose?

Dwayne Roloson has been really hot recently, however, he has struggled against San Jose in the past. I can't decide if I should start him tonight against SJ or play it safe and bench him. Scott Clemmensen is my other fantasy goaltender and he faces Florida.

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  • TDK
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    Start Clemmensen.

    You don't want to start Roloson against San Jose, even if SJ is struggling now. They are a team possessed when they play at home and aside from Hemsky, and maybe Horcoff, how will EDM provide any offense for Rolo? On the other hand, Clemmensen has a red hot Devils team playing in front of him. Offense is coming from Langenbrunner, Elias, Zajac, Parise, Rolston, and even Clarkson! The team is en fuego! Go with the safe bet in Clemmensen!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Clemmonson hands down because he is playing a weaker team even though I read online today that literally like 75% of the sj sharks are fighting a flu bug that keeps gettin passed around the team. But no I'm a Sabres fan and when they beat them 10-2 and then the next week he got beat again by I can't remember who but that was like 8-1 as well.

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    Start Clemmensen. He's playing on the hottest team in the NHL right now. He's been consistent against every team all season.

    Source(s): Stats, Standings, and a die hard DEVILS FAN!
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    I agree. The Devils are very HOT. Deffinatly Clemmensen. He has been playing solid for the Devils. To bad the Leafs gave him up last year.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'd start The French Foreign Legion against San Jose.

  • 1 decade ago

    alex r.-- clemmensen just allowed 5 goals against the sharks not so good, D.R. plays good against S.J what are you talking about and the way he's been playing, especially last night id go D.R.

  • Dewman
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    Yes, because he's playing a good team, much like Detroit... that means he probably will slash some guy in the balls. So he'll probably get a few PIM's... that is if your league counts goalie PIM's.

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