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If you could pick two players?

One on offense and one on defense, to improve your favorite football team most, who would they be.

You can pick players that are currently on other teams, or that are currently free agents.


btw I am a Broncos fan and I would pick:

offense- Tony Gonzalez

defense- Albert Haynesworth

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    My favorite team is the Bengals:

    The player on offense that I would pick is Joe Thomas, the Left Tackle from the Browns. He only gave up four sacks this season. We gave up the third most sacks this season. We can't afford to let Carson Palmer get injured again and let another year go away. He would really help our running game too. Offensive line is the Bengals biggest need.

    The player on defense that I would put on the Bengals is Albert Haynesworth. The Bengals defense finished ranked 12 this season and our biggest need was pass rush. We have no pass rush from the inside and he would take up blockers and allow our DE's and LB's to get pressure. He would also improve the run defense.

  • Anonymous
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    I am a Broncos fan also.

    Offense: Anquan Boldin, Fred Taylor

    Defense: Ray Lewis

    Haynesworth is great and will play longer than Lewis, however, Lewis is a defensive leader who makes everyone better. He has played on some of the best defensive teams ever and can make the Denver defense tons better.

    Boldin also may be available. and adding another receiver would make the offense incredible. Fred Taylor is proven and would be a 1000 yard rusher again in the Denver system, assuming they keep the same blocking schemes.

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    because i'm nevertheless scarred from the 50 million postseason losses that the Sharks have suffered from a lack of administration, the first participant i ought to need is Rod Brind'Amour. definite, i understand he's almost hitting 40 years previous, although the guy has been there and done that with the Canes in triumphing the Cup. He demands appreciate and this is an extra bonus he will chip in 40-60 factors each and every season. the 2d participant i ought to upload must be Duncan Keith of the Hawks. The Sharks protection ought to apply a guy like Keith jointly with his offensive prowness, protective awareness, and actual play altogether. he's also performed no fewer than seventy seven video games in his 4 plus seasons for that reason a options showing his ironman characteristics in a substantial position. the guy is demanding and strong on both ends and ought to really improve the San Jose protection center to between the more desirable ones contained in the league.

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    Cool Question Again!!

    Being A Charger Fan: I would pick:

    Either-(Phi) S Brian Dawkins or (Bal) S Ed Reed for Defense


    (BAL) FB Lorenzo Neal <---------- COME BACK LORENZO!!


    BY THE WAY- Can't wait for the Draft!! -- You Broncos are probably going to take Rey Mualuga from USC off the board first- but that's just fine-- Knowshon Moreno from GA will be a perfect fit for our Offensive Scheme!!! Check Him Out- Seriously!

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  • Anonymous
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    Offense: DeAngello Williams

    Defense: Patrick Willis or Ed Reed

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    Offense- Calvin Johnson

    Defense- Lance Briggs

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    lets pretend these players are in the FA. these 2 players alone could change around a franchise such lions :)

    on offense- i would pick the general himself-peyton manning. peyton alone can change a game and he singlehandedly carried the colts the last few seasons. if there is anyone out there that can turn around a team it would be Manning.

    on defense, and i am assuming we are talking about ability and leadership, i would pick ray lewis. he is old however so i debated taking the next ray-ray in pat willis. both of these backers have other-worldy skills that intimidate and leave offensive coordinators shakin in their boots. hell if ray lewis went to the cowboys maybe he could get them focused enough to actually win a playoff game!

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    My team the Browns don't really need much on offense, other than maybe depth at the offensive line spot, or maybe a consistent receiver. Injuries killed them this season. So I will say Boldin. Defense, they need help everywhere, but especially in the pass rush, so I say Peppers. Both have a slim shot at actually ending up with the Browns, too.

  • Anonymous
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    well if i wanna pick players who are already on a team i would prob choose Tom brady and james harrison

    But just for fun the two best free agents are Fred Taylor (RB) he just got realeased from the jags and is probably the only free agent who can make a huge diffrence to a teams offence

    On defence without a doubt i would choose chris mcallister who was released from the ravens

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    I would take Patrick Willis or Julius Peppers on defense and on offense i would take either Calvin Johnson or Andre Johnson. My favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens.

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