Is it okay for a 15 years old girl to watch porno movies?

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If she wants to...?

There's nothing wrong with a 15 year old boy jacking off to fact I'd say it's "healthy," if a young girl has similar urges why not let her release them?

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  • The Anonymous answered 5 years ago
    Me, myself was watchin' from 13 but I Don't know about you!
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  • Felicity B answered 5 years ago
    Depends on what kind of porn it is. If it's just amateur, then that's probably not so bad. No one blinks if teenage boys do it, so why shouldn't girls?
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  • Sub answered 5 years ago
    There's nothing wrong with it. It's completely your own choice.
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  • sashtou answered 5 years ago
    No, is the simple answer.

    However, it might depend upon what you term as 'porn' and what the circumstances are exactly.

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