Do you think Rapists and child molesters can be cured?

Other than castration.


scruff I really, really disagree on that.

You say people should treat them as if they have a problem? I find it very hard to treat it as a problem and want to help them when they make me cringe and they put women or children in pain, crying and suffering for their sick perverted fantasy. I am not a sheep, this is my own opinion. Heroin addicts, drunks, etc have problems that can be helped, child molesters and rapists cannot be helped! and it isnt a problem! its a problem that our children cant play in the street on their own without adults worrying

Update 2:

Thats the other thing scruff, you cannot blame child hoods, that is the most used one of all time.

There are men out there, that had normal lives, but they get turned on by children and having control and power over women. You cannot excuse them and feel sorry for them because they cry of their past. I understand what your saying. but there are meny men out there with troubled pasts and turn out fine.

Women have had worst pasts then men, and you dont see or hear many women abusing children.

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    No, i don't think they can. Rape and child molestation are the sexual preferences/fetishes of these sick people. In the same way that a person with a thing for feet, bondage or role play cannot be 'cured' of their preference, nor can a rapist or child abuser be 'cured'. Unfortunately for us normal people (and our children) this is just what these people like. There is an argument that having these preferences is not the fault of the person - granted, but they do not have to act on them. They know full well that acting on their sick fantasies will seriously damage lives, yet they go ahead anyway. No sympathy. Castrate them. And cut their hands off too. And gouge their eyes out.

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    Meditation works very well. Now sit on cushions or find a comfortable sitting position. place your right hand over your left and allow your thumbs to meet making a Circle do this lightly. place a candle about a yard away so you are slightly looking down at the candle. Now do not close your eyes fully and breath from your belly you do not have to focus on the candle light but just in the general direction. Now just let your mind drift it does not matter what is going on in your mind just let it happen relax your shoulders and breath. At first try 10 or 15 minutes twice a day and as you get used to the position you can then do it longer.

    If you live in the UK Throssel Hall does retreats that will help you far more.

    No they cannot be cured because they believe they have done nothing wrong as they feel they are not harming the child it is crazy i know. As for rapist you have to look further then sex it is about power over the victim.

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    precisely how will all of us comprehend that a new child Molesters or a Rapists grew to become into rehabilitated. sure i'm optimistic the therapist will declare a fulfillment and so will the criminal yet I ask, if the guy who examine and pass the criminal as rehabilitated if the regulation suggested that ought to the criminal offend lower back they'll obtain equivalent penalty to the criminal. i ask your self whether they could be as rapid to declare a fulfillment then. As for somebody no longer hiring somebody based on his criminal background. i don't comprehend that there is an anti discrimination regulation everywhere that covers this and as nicely, interior the top in spite of who's employed or no longer employed, if 20 human beings keep on with for a job then 19 will omit out. How can this guy or woman coach that he grew to become into extra appropriate than each and every of the alternative 19 human beings and so grew to become into rejected on his criminal checklist.

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    At psychology's current level of understanding, there doesn't seem to be a "cure". However, through treatment, they can be taught to be aware of emotional triggers that lead to the thoughts and desires that can lead them to act wrongly. They can be taught how to stop the thought process and be more aware of the whole process including the impact it could have on others. As you see by others' answers, this is a pretty hot-button issue for a lot of people, but I also think it's oversensationalized by the media. There is well-documented research that indicates that sexual offenders who have received treatment are less likely to re-offend than those convicted of other serious crimes. (The link below can provide more information.)

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    Maybe not cured of the tendency without extensive psychological intervention, but if caught and punished by society, that would certainly put a damper on it. Those particular crimes are not motivated by sex, but rather by the desire to overpower their victims. It's definitely a psychological aberration, and extensive psychotherapy would have about the same cure rate as used in any other mental disorder of similar type. In other words, some would benefit more than others.

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    Do you think gay people can be cured? Gay is a sexual deviation similar to child molesters and pedophiles, it used to be classified as a mental disorder.

    No these things cannot be cured, they can be supressed or helped to some extent but we are who we are. Even a drug addict is still a drug addict, sober or not.

    and you are right about the child hood thing, it cannot always be blamed. there are several different factors that can affect what a person is attracted to.

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    Depends on your definition of 'cured'. Some can be deterred, which may be all that is necessary. Others can be locked up which is a form of cure.

    Not all paedophiles/rapists are the same, so no single approach suits all.

    Your question is far too general to receive a worthwhile answer.

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    Yea I do, I won't follow others who are like sheep. These are people who have had a really bad childhood and no social skills. It is no different to any other addiction.

    If people were to treat them as they have a problem rather than having no cure, then they would feel more of a part of society.

    As it is, they know people wont help them, they won't get help because of it.

    The act is so bad because they do it to innocent kids, but they are only acting out what they know, we all know it's disgustin and we all hate it, but it's a sin, how many of us are tied up with other sexual problems?

    I 100% think they can be helped, with the right help

    Edit. I appreciate this is a bad topic and will get people upset. Children don't deserve what they have done to them. But just think for a moment how bad these abusers childhoods must of been? I won't give up on anyone, I see everything people do wrong as a cry for help.

    It's ok you dissagree, most people will, I won't be suprised if I get 100 thumbs down, I still wont give up on them.

    Edit 2: That is true, but we're not robots, we can't all have troubled pasts and turn out the same. The mind is a powerfull organ, it's designed so we all act differently.

    The main reason you find men doing this is because men in general are sexually driven, thats our main job to reproduce. With this in mind it is possible for your mind to turn for the worst.

    As far as your childhood comment goes about it being used too much, I had a bad one and still suffer from it now and although it may not be as bad as being a child sex offender, I know how hard it can be and how hard things are hard to shake, but still possible.

    My struggles are different to yours, a child offender, alcoholic...whoever, but a struggle all the less.

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    To be honest i don't believe many convict's can. Overall it's a flaw in the psyche as to why they committed a crime in the first place. As they say you cant treat an old dog new tricks.They pretend they do, but deep down it's still in them. The majority fall back into their old way's eventually.

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    No they can't but castration isn't a cure. Their sickness is in their mind not in their groin. They would still continue to abuse even if castrated.

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