memory upgrade problem?

have a toshiba Satellite P100 and had it scanned by Crucial memory site for an upgrade from 1 gb to 4gb. when I install the memory the laptop simply wont power up to stage where I can see anything on screen ( stays blank/black) when re-installing own memory always Works. tried both twice. I suspect? not sure if I am whistling in the wind.. that I may? need ot upgrade system Bios to 'see' and use the extra memory .has anybody come across this sort of problem? advise appreciated. thanks.


since I cannot access anything after swapping memory modules I can't save or look at anything. even the screen stays blank(black) I have written to and am waiting a reply. thanks for the response though.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    did you enter the bios setup and resave? Some systems require this, even for a simple memory upgrade.

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