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astra spanner light with car symbol?

hi anyone know of clearing the spanner light on a 2002 astra 2.0 dti i have serviced it still there and checked with obd port for faults no codes show up and have reset the service by holding the button on the odometer and turning ignition and still there is spanner light

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    the spanner light are manufacturer specific codes the fault may lie in engine or in body control module but will be non emmmisions related if it was a problem with the immobiliser the car wouldnt start. the vast majority of code readers wouldnt be able too read these codes as they can only pick up codes begining with p0 which are emission related these codes may be p1 or p2. best way to get these read would be with a vauxhall tech 2 reader may req trip too dealers or vaux specialist. but before you go there double check the vacuum pipes from the vacuum pump on the end of the camshaft down on too the turbo it was common for these too split and bring light on but not eml light

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      hi i have this problem its the immobilizer the light with spanner flashes constantly the car turns over and wont start

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    Vauxhall Astra Dashboard Symbols

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    Does the light stay on when the engine is started? I believe it is the engine management light but I've never had an Astra so I might be wrong. It is probably worth checking the fault codes anyway. Depending on the model it looks like you can do this yourself with the "pedal test" I've included the instructions below. I had an Omega a few years with a similar trick - its a bit awkward to read, so maybe record it on your phone so you can play it back in your warm house with the fault code list next to you. ----------------- 1. Get in the car with the ignition off. 2. Press the throttle pedal AND brake pedal down and hold them down. 3. Turn the ignition key to position 1 and then onto position 2. 4. The EML will begin to flash, it should flash 10 times initially and then pause then flash a certain ammount of times, pause, flash a few times again etc etc E.G... 10 x flash (pause) 1 x flash (pause) 7 x flash (pause) 10 x flash (pause) = 0 1 7 0 which would be: P0170 If there are more than one fault code, it'll then go on and flash a second sequence of numbers and so on and so forth untill it stops. Just rememeber to keep both pedals pressed down throught the whole procedure.

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    The spanner light is for engine electrical problems and immobiliser faults.

    If your fault code reader is not up to spec then it's probably an immobiliser fault which it cannot pick up.

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    if it's a spanner with car symbol, then it is not a service indicator. if i am not wrong its something to do with electrical fault in car. it is mentioned in your user manual. best thing to do is take it to a garage for diagnosis.

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    your main dealer will do it but i dont know what they will charge you,,,,,,my mate had a vectra with the same problem and he just took the clocks out and removed the bulb

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    did you check your owners manual?

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