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i would like to get toned and defined?

ok im 17 year old male i weigh 9 stone iv upped my calories as i didnt eat much before i work out three times a week with 10kg dumbells sp 20kg .. i do biceps triceps, trapezius, i do crunches for my stomach and i do my chest with the dumbells and iv gone for 8 st 5 to 9 stin 2 weeks eating and working out i try to eat alot of protein and carbs and i usually found it hard to put on weight and im doing well i cant afford gym or large weights atm im not too fussed about getting bulgind muscles but id like to be able to wear a vest and have very defined and toned body on the upper half so 6 pack some muscley arms and broad shoulders, any tips or am i doing everything ok ?

i know i must up my calorie intake to make sure im not burning off more than what im taking in.

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    Well if your after a 6 pack, thn you are infact asking for bulging muscles. It would look odd (and be very odd) for you to have a 6 pack, and for your arms to be slender or have not as much muscle.

    You seem to be on the right track, but try 50-50 for protein and carbs, always eat protein with a little fat (it helps the body to be able to utilise the protein and for it to become absorbed into the body more efficiently) and eat carbs with a little sugar- not refined, just things like bananas, tomatoes (eg tinned tomaotes), fruits, for example which are a form of sugar based carbs, this will help your body use them for energy.

    If your trying to save money, the best protein drink you can get is full fat or semi skimmed milk (skimmed if your watching your weight) add chocolate powder or blend in bananas and mangos etc for fast absorbtion and/or flavor, or have it by itself. Try not to add things like plain sugar, serup or honey which wont really do you much in terms of nutrition and will promote sugar highs and lows, which will influence your training and your mood in a negative way.

    Try to not eat caffine or refined sugar (ie sweets) or junk food as they will not help you build muscle as much as being a source of rapid energy, promoting sugar drops and being very easily converted to fat as a result. Fat will lay itself over the muscles in your body, if you keep laying down fat, your muscles will become hidden. Any muscle building you do have will act like pillow fluffing for the fat which lies on top- in effect your making the fat look fatter!

    Eat 2500kcals minimum per day, if your training, this will need to increase, eating 1500kcals extra will build 1 pound. So you work out how much you can sucessfully eat every day- if you don't carry it on each day, you risk losing the effects of your hard work, feeling like a failure for doing so and then giving up. Not what you want. Most people add anything from 250 to 500 and more kcals per day, but if you find the 2500kcals hard, try just to keep to that before increasing atleast 100kcals per day.

    Have atleast 1 rest day per week. A workout is only as good as your rest. If you don't rest, your muscles stop working, and you get compensatory strain: eg I have shin splints- its a muscle problem in my leg caused by too much running. I did not stop running, I ignored the pain. It still hurt and an 18 week wait to see a physio later, the physio showed me that actually my outter thigh had been taking over where my leg had stopped! I was making myself look chunkier- not good for a women! So take any pain seriously, rest, ice and compression and elevation. If this does not help, after a week, see a doctor, rest throughout as until the muscle stops aching, you wont be able to work it to the same degree and other muscles will simply take over, if you do not stretch these other muscles (difficult if your not sure what infact is compensating) then these other muscles will become damaged as a result and require even more rest then the original muscle.

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    bulking and cutting my freind :)

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