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Is it possible to just ask for check from insurance company instead of sending it directly to collison shop?

My car was hit by another car this week and the repairs to my car is estimated at $997. The other driver admitted blame now his insurance company is suppose to send the collision shop I got the estimate from the check.

Now my question is, can I request the check to be sent to me instead of getting my car repaired? I'm driving a 1998 chevy and was thinking about getting a new car soon. Is this possible? Thanks.

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    yes, by accepting the check yourself, you mean you accept the settlement, no longer can hold the other party responsible for anything. The problem come when if you have another fender bender, then the 2nd might claim the damages already done in the first time.

    Cash the check and get better car.

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    Take %. of the motor vehicle and then come to a decision on a pair/few physique shops making use of chum's reference, vehicle section shop references, or house motor vehicle (company does particularly a marketplace from vehicle physique retail shops) worker references. you would be stunned at what those persons pay attention on the staggering and undesirable of each community vehicle restoration company. at a similar time as you have discovered a place you like (it would be Gieco's physique save, or perhaps not), then have your motor vehicle towed there. as quickly as they provide you the estimate upon sight inspection, call the adjustor assigned on your case and tell them the look at isn't sufficient (assuming it is besides the fact that the case). Adjusters are used to those calls. They incredibly do get them in any respect situations from their very own physique retail shops. it truly is annoying to tell from a seen inspection what the harm particularly is. once you're taking the motor vehicle aside, different maintenance finally end up glaring, and that they report alterations with the adjuster. it truly is only the conventional process commerce. do not worry approximately it plenty.

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    If it is the other person's insurance company, yes you can.

    If it is your insurance company, then it depends. Insurance companies have an obligation to protect lien holder of their insured's vehicle. They must make the check payable to you and the lienholder or you and a body shop.

    If the other party's company is paying you, than they have no obligation to protect the lien holder and thus can issued the check to you alone,

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    Yes, you can.

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