Is this separation anxiety?

My little boy is eight and a half months old. I have not been with his father since before he was born but he has always had regular access. Today he spent most of the day with his daddy and his family, when he first came home he was fine but as soon as I started getting him ready for bed he dissolved into tears. I picked him up and he immediately stopped crying but was holding onto me very tightly and snuggling into my shoulder. As soon as I put him down to change him he started crying again. I always thought separation anxiety showed itself when you left the baby but he is fine when I leave him with other people. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this, when baby gets upset and clingy when they return home but not when you leave them?

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    It's possible something happened that has scared him...and he is afraid to be away from you now...even if it's just for a diaper change. While he was away from you...he didn't "miss" you...but as soon as he saw you again he realized he spent all that time without mom & it made him nervous.

    My grandmother (who was true evil btw) would make my baby brother cry alone in a dark room if he was fed & changed, but still crying. At 3 yrs old, I would sit outside the door of the room & try to talk to him or sing so he wouldn't feel alone. When my mom found out what was going on...she didn't let us visit anymore. Not unless she was with us.

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    I know its upsetting but don't read too much into it. It's hard to know what is going on in his complex little mind :-)

    Seperation might be a part of it, but it might just be he wants a snuggle from you and doesn't want his nappy changed.

    If dad had done something baby didn't like, baby will show you next time dad comes for him!

    But on the whole just give him the snuggle he wants and enjoy the fact he still wants them. I cherish every time my son wants a hug, because at 8 1/2 months he wasn't a great lover of hugs, but hated being left alone.

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    my son was like that when strangers would come around or if he thought i was to leave. but then again he was with me all the time my lil buddy. he didnt want to stay with anyone other then my mom and he would still cry when I would leave, made me feel like crap lol. i would put him down and he would follow me around the house saying mama mama mama until he found me so cute. all kids go through it one way or another

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    maybe something bad happened when he was w/ his dad that he does not want to let u go cz he's afraid or something really good happened and he wants u to do the same thing

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