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Why does teenage boys stick their hands down their trousers?!?

I have seen a lot of boys doing that in school, even in public! In the exams, the boy who was sitting close to me and he even stuck his hand in there all way through the exam.

Do you think they think it is appropiate?

Why do they do it? (Mostly chavs..)



by the way i am not the one who is giving thumb downs :S

anyway, interesting answers! hope to get more answers ! :)

Update 2:

two guys do that in my history lessons!

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    It's probably a juvenile comforting thing, like sucking their thumb, only if they suck their thumb their peers would take the piss out of them so instead they cradle their crotch.

    I'm surprised they wear their trousers high enough to stick their hands down them, most of the kids I see wear their waistband around their knees making them walk like penguins, it always makes me laugh when I see it and reminds me of Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins when he dances with the penguins.

    If only they realised how stupid they look...

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    4 years ago

    Boys Walking Trousers

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    I remember being traumatised at school when I was in year 3 - what is now Year 9 I think. There was this lad in a lot of my classes who did it all the time, and just for the laugh, he wiped his hand all over other people's books afterwards... :S

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    They are being disrespectful, if they are putting their hand down into their crotch in public. They are probably just rearranging themselves to be more comfortable, nothing too major. But that is still gross.

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    Alll the boys do it round my way, well not all of them but all thee chavey ones :) lool they always take pictures like it! its like wot are u duin mate lool, buuh i dont have a problem with that cause were all walking round skl then all the boys got there hands down there trousers and all us girls are like ok lool (:

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    i have this theory that some people just thrive to be disgusting.

    but i also think that it's a subconscious thing to be that way.

    i mean who really wants to have greasy hair?

    why would someone want to stick their hands in their pants all the time?

    sick nasty freakos.

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    i am 15 i hate seeing people my age do it. i sometime feel the need to do it because it can get itchy down there btw never dont it in public

  • Showing off that they've got big balls.


    Just abit turned on and need some luvin'

    Either way, l just don't bother with it.

  • Babey
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    1 decade ago

    Ive even seen a man teacher do it :)

    not a pretty sight is it?

    it probz itches down there..espc with all that pubic hair

  • yeah..boys do that a lot essecially in winter there is two reasons..:

    1. They are wanking themselfs

    2. To keep there hands warm

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