I live in rented property , have a huge 24ft living room which looks as tho it was once two seperate rooms as there is a large arch in the middle approx 10ft gap

i would like itto be 2 rooms but cannot afford the work and also have 2children so it would be too chaotic plus id need permission from housing authority

does anyone know of any cheap , safe room dividing ideas- bear in mind its about 10ft and also an arch with curves at top , so a curtain pole or track rail would not work, nor would anything that could be pulled over or easily moved by children

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Use your sofa with a large sofa table behind it. I'm sure it's a living room dining room combination. You could use an area rug to define the areas. Hang some hanging plants along the arch over the sofa table.

    A few hollow core doors hinged together would work. You could place these behind the sofa with a table on the other side. I would put eyelet screws in the top and secure with picture hang wire to the arch. This would allow you to hang prints on both sides of the doors. Doors can also be painted or stained to match your decor.

  • 1 decade ago

    you can use blocks of frosted glass and build a semi perminate wall. if you do it right, make a half wall so you dont have to worry about the arch at the top. depending on your ceiling height you can do a wall you can see over or one you cant. also, using furniture to make a wall can work too. 2 bookcases back to back with alittle bit of carpentry to match the top with the arch could block half of the entrance leaving a doorway. hmm hjust two ideas off the top of my head.

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