help with a dutch phrase?

i have a dutch girlfriend and trying to learn phrases online but the text translations aren't very accurate- which iv'e learned by actually using them and then texting it to my girlfriend only to be laughed at!!!!

basicaly what i want to say to her is...."i'm falling for you".....and i want it to be right.

can anyone please help? it will be very appreiciated!.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    "I am falling for you" as in "I am starting to fall in love"?

    If so, I would translate as, "Ik ben verliefd op je aan het worden." (I am falling in love.) Or, "Ik ben een beetje verliefd op je." (I am a little in love with you.)

    Or, if the context is clear, "Ik val op je." (but as this can be miss understood, be sure she knows that love is involved,) the litteral translation into English is "I fall on you."

    If it is friendship rather than love you want to express, you can translate "I care a lot about you." "Ik geef veel om jou."

    Source(s): I am Dutch.
  • Orla C
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    1 decade ago

    Ik word verliefd op jou. It means 'I'm falling in love with you'.

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