Growing grapes in a pot?

I would like to grow a grape vine i recently bought and train it to grow on my pergola, problem is my pergola is on concrete.

I have a fairly deep square pot (about 60cm deep) and 40cm sides would it grow well and bare fruit?

How much ground space does it need, i.e. how long do the roots get on them?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Grapes have a vey deep root system. The bigger the pot the better it will grow, I would probably get a bigger pot if you want it to cover the whole pergola. The roots should be growing now and stop as the weather gets colder and and all the leaves fall off. Depending on the variety you should see fruit in a couple of years, obviously the bigger the vine the more fruit you will get. Train a leader up over your pergola and cut off all the others, this will help it to establish quicker.

  • 4 years ago

    Yes and no. Yes, if you do the research for exactly what kind of soil it needs, you can grow grape vines in pots. BUT this is like asking, "Can I move small trees around with the fences?" Grape vines are thick-trunked plants that really do require something to lean on. They don't merely lean, they grow around. You need something sturdy to grow them on and once they're grown, they aren't moving, unless you're planning on moving the fence with them. There are a number of places they could grow? Then find the absolute best place grape vines will thrive and plant them there. (There's a difference in micro-climates in yards. In the northern hemisphere, the south side of the house gets the best sunlight. The west is next, north is worse, etc.) Also, grapes are a fruit, so it might need acidic soil or alkaline. The reasons I don't grow tree size fruit in my container garden is lack of space and too much effort to make the soil right for them.

  • 1 decade ago

    Gonegardening has a great sight and good discription as well as you can order root stock from them for grapes growing in containers.

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