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Christians! Why cant you accept other people's beliefs and why must you be so agressive in the way you preach?

Why cant you respect other people's beliefs? Especially those of Atheists. Personally i respect everyone for who or what they believe in but i just find Christians are so aggressive and really force their beliefs upon people, saying i'm living in sin and my kids will go to hell if i don't teach them the ways of God. Who are you to tell me what created this world and that i should dedicate my life to a figure who i don't even know? I have my own mind and i think for myself and i really don't appreciate you trying to tell me otherwise.

Lets say, you believe in God, Muslims in Allah, Atheists in nothing etc and leave it as that? Lets just accept people regardless of religion.


Apologies, i made it out as though ALL christians are agressive in their beliefs, that is wrong and i know not all christians are like this.

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  • Acorn
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    Not all Christians are like that: only the radical fundamentalists and other extremist conservatives like evangelicals.

    Most liberal Christians like some Catholics, realize that getting agressive with people only turns them off and ultimately tarnishes the name of Christianity. They understand that love involves basic respect and not judgment.

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    What do you mean by "accept"? I accept that other people have different beliefs to me, and that God has given us free will so we can believe what we like. So I think we're on the same page there. Looking at your description that seems to be of your experience of Christians: I'm sorry about that: God doesn't asks us to dedicate our lives to him without even knowing him. He encourages us to use our minds as we read his word, which is how we get to know him.

    What do you mean by "agressive"? I'm never violent when I tell people the good news about Jesus. There is the bad news that we're sinners deserving of hell, but to just say that would be wrong: because God is gracious, and in Christ has provided a way that we might be justified before him.

  • Jewel
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    I've said it all comes back to that restrictive, "one, true way" BS they're all taught.

    When you are told that your way is the only way, and that you have all of the answers, then when someone inevitably comes up with a different answer, it forces you on the defensive. You are forced to either defend your mindset by attacking the contradictory evidence, or actually consider it for what it is. Guess which one is more likely to happen?

    Also, people like feeling that they're special, that they are somehow above the masses. Christianity feeds that need, telling them they're special, better than those who are not Christians. So of course they feel the need to shove this perception in the face of others.

    My advice? Start hanging out with pagans. For the most part, we care a lot more about your ethics than your religion.

  • Anonymous
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    you believe we should "accept people regardless of religion"

    Why then does your question assume the BILLIONS of Christians in the world are ALL the same?

    You talk about Christians not accepting atheists on the basis of their belief, you are doing the same thing. You have made assumptions based on the title Christian.

    I have seen your additional details and what you've said is fair enough but what a foolish question.... not exactly showing the tolerance that you believe people should have......

    Its opinions like the one you show in your question that hinder religious tolerance, many Christians are taught to love all. Those who do.... act far more tolerantly than your wonderful question.

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  • mavis
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    Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. Proverbs 27:6. Christians believe in telling the truth and Jesus is the Truth, the Life and the Way.

    The Lord Jesus Christ tells us to go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost;Teaching them all things that I have commanded you; Matthhew 28 verse 19- 20. We only want men and women to know the Lord Jesus as their Saviour and know the peace of God in their hearts like we do. We also want people to know that God will punish those who will reject His Son. There is only one Truth.

  • I am Christian.. I have an open mind and I believe that everyone should be able to express their personal views unequivocally..

    I think that it depends on the person expressing their views. Some people are very strong minded and are adamant, that what they believe is truth. I do respect people who stick to what they believe in but I don't respect people who try to heavily preach it upon someone who may think differently.. that's wrong and unfair.

    I think that the answer to your question is people should think about whats right and whats wrong.. Being right is the most difficult and challenging thing in life.. it means self assessment and having an unambiguous mind

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    Ok, as Christians you should not be so aggressive on other peoples beliefs. I am a Christian and that is just not how we are supposed to act around others. As Christians, we are supposed to invite others into our religion, but not force it against others. Whoever you got that from is really wrong and should not be that way.

  • ?
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    You are judging without knowing I am a Christian and I don't force any one into my believes. When some of my friends are sick or need an advice I use prayer and the word of God but never try to make anyone a Christian. Accepting Yeshua (Jesus) is a choice, you have decided not to believed in God and I respect that.

    Christian and servant of God

  • I am a Christian and I am NOT aggressive in my beliefs. I love everyone and I accept their beliefs. I hate Christians that force their beliefs on other people. God tells us to love your neighbor as you do yourself and that is how I live my life. I completely agree that more Christians should accept people and their beliefs.

    †God Bless†

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  • Anonymous
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    I am Catholic it is my sincere belief that you believe in nothing or God, jesus, jew, Buddha, Muslims, Atheists, hindu, Pharaohs, kings, a tree a rock etc. If its right for you than its ok! As long as you do right by you and people around you.

    On behalf of christians everywhere I apologise, they haven't the right to condemn!

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    okay i just read the bold print so heres your answer to that question

    I respect other people's beliefs, I like atheist, Okay I don't like them, I LOVE THEM, but sometimes each of us Christians and atheist can get a little deffensive at some time or the other, and my pastor does not preach agressively.

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