a chemical equation which illustrates hydrogenation of vegetable oil?


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    CH2=CH2 + H2 (+ Ni catalyst) => CH3-CH3

    This basically represents a unsaturated molecule (like vegetable oil) being hydrogenated to a saturated molecule (containing no double bonds).

    Margarine is made by hydrogenating vegetable oil so it becomes less unsaturated (because hydrogenation gives it more single bonds)

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    Hydrogenation Of Vegetable Oil

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    Nothing but Nickle. When hydrogen is passed through vegetable oil in presence of Nickle it gets thick & condensed. Only the chemical structure is changed not the formula. Nickle acts as catalyst.

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  • 1 decade ago

    vegetable is a glycerol. it reacts with hydrogen in the presence of a nickel catalyst margarine is formed at high temp. and pressure.

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