which us states are larger than England?

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    Alaska 656,425

    Texas 268,601

    (France) 211,207

    California 163,707

    Montana 147,046

    New Mexico 121,593

    (Poland) 120,725

    Arizona 114,006

    Nevada 110,567

    Colorado 104,100

    Oregon 98,386

    Wyoming 97,818

    Michigan 96, 810


    Minnesota 86,943

    Utah 84,904

    Idaho 83,574

    Kansas 82,282

    Nebraska 77,358

    South Dakota 77,121

    Washington 71,303

    North Dakota 70,704

    Oklahoma 69,903

    Missouri 69,709

    Florida 65,758

    Wisconsin 65,503

    Georgia 59,441

    Illinois 57,918

    Iowa 56,276

    New York 54,475

    North Carolina 53,821

    Arkansas 53,182

    Alabama 52,423

    Louisiana 51,843

    ENGLAND 50,346

    Found some Extra

    I can only find info that shows the UK not just England on its own.

    Daniel above is getting Sq Miles and Sq Kilometers mixed up, Im afraid : )

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    Us States Smaller Than England

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    Most of them are Larger than England

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    England is 130,410 sq mi.

    Therefore, the US states that are larger are:

    Alaska - 663,267 sq mi

    Texas - 268,581 sq mi

    California - 163,696 sq mi

    Montana - 147,042 sq mi

    edit: DOH! the person below is right - I've given England's area in sq km, so my answer is wrong. Sorry!

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    texas is 3 times bigger than the whole of the uk

  • most yeah lol

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