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What is your bathing preference? Shower or bath?

And do you prefer one bath/shower before bedtime or one in the morning when you rise or two of them each day, one morning and one evening?


I will answer this question for myself. Most of the year I take one bath in the evening, as hot as I can stand it. It gets me clean and I stay clean through the coming day. In the heat of summer I may take a morning or afternoon shower, and if I do yard work I customarily shower afterward. This is in addition to the evening bath.

The main reasons for this preference are convenience--with four other people in our household I have to take the bathroom when it's available--and my own preference for a leisurely hot bath for its relaxing and therapeutic values. I sleep better, feel better in the day and generally am able to have my bath without troubling anyone else.

Your preferences, please? And do you recommend them for others?

(I recommend my type bath for those who might have joint pains or sore muscles. If it sounds inviting try it.)


Don't answer it if if bothers you. Just curious as to what the norms are. It has been my impression that these days most people seem to prefer showers. I just wonder who agrees with me about the hot bath.

Update 2:

And I am NOT asking so I can come watch!!

Just curious as to what people think is healthy and good personal hygiene.

Update 3:

I am very much outnumbered in my household. Our three boys, two of whom are foreign exchange students, prefer showers. My wife sometimes takes a shower but usually prefers a bath. I prefer a bath, but also occasionally prefer a shower.

I don't have joint pain problems, but I attribute this largely to the hot baths I take and to the fact I'm still in fairly decent shape for a man of 67.

Interesting factoid--the Japanese take hot communal baths, but the drill is you soap up, clean up and rinse all the soap off before you get in the hot water. Whole families bathe this way in public baths. I stayed in a hotel once where one tub of water served all the guests, but they were allowed to go in as couples.

I may share a funny story about that, but not right now.

Thanks for all the "revealing" answers. This is a very clean topic in spite of the first answer.

Update 4:

No need for any apologies, Andrew. Different people have different preferences. As I noted, I don't always take a bath. I sometimes shower for much the same reason as you give.

Update 5:

I said I might share a funny story about the Japanese hot bath, so here goes. Some years ago when I was stationed in Northern Japan my first wife and I traveled to a little island off the coast of Hokkaido where we and several other Americans stayed in a traditional Japanese hotel. (There weren't any other type hotels on the island.)

The first night we didn't do the hot bath, but just rinsed off the day's dirt and went to bed after dinner. Next day we did a lot of hiking and climbing and definitely needed to get cleaned up. The hotel had a community bathtub that was full of really hot water. There were pans and soap and the drill calls for people to soap up really good, scrub themselves clean and rinse off completely before getting in the tub. In other words, you are clean before the bath.

Well, we did everything but the water was too freakin' hot, and we wondered how the Japanese could stand it so hot. We were foreign guests, so we were allowed to bathe first.

Update 6:

Incidentally, this was a small bathing area, so it was one couple at a time and we had privacy as couples. We didn't know what to do, but we knew we couldn't stand the water that hot, so we just did what amounted to a good sponge bath, got really clean and skipped the hot immersion. Next couple that came was another American couple and they did the same thing we did. All the Americans did.

The next morning the word around the hotel was the Japanese guests were really impressed at the American guest--they didn't know how we could stand the water that hot.

What we didn't know was that pitchers of cold water provided were there to be used to cool the tub down to where the temperature was bearable. We didn't know that until afterwards!

This, by the way, was one of the most memorable experiences of my tour in Japan. We were truly given the best hospitality and were truly welcomed by these people. In the hotel we wore Kimono instead of street clothes, as all guests did.

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    I prefer a very hot shower. I take one in the morning before work to make me feel clean and to wake me up. I take one when I get home because I work in a warehouse and get dirty and it helps me sleep.

    I won't take a bath because it makes me feel like I'm washing with dirty water. The way I figure it, you sit in the water that you are washing the dirt into. At least with a shower the dirt goes down the drain.

    Now if you have joint problems and you take a bath for that, then that's a different story. Your just trying to calm the body.

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  • 4 years ago


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hey Warren, Don`t worry about the Twits on here. It really is a shame when you can`t ask a perfectly innocent question without peoples minds going in the gutter. Everybody cleans themselves, and everyone should be able too talk about it.

    Personally I take a hot shower for my back problems. And it feels wonderful. Oh crap!! I didn`t come off as a "Creeper"

    Did I ?

    "The Troll Hunter"

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  • 1 decade ago

    I Take a very hot bath everyday ,, i love a hot bath to; hot as i can stand it im red all over when i get out , in the summer i take a cool bath or shower

    I stayed in a hotel once where(( one tub of water ))served all the guests, eww thats gross sharing the same water with everyone.

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  • 1 decade ago

    shower once a day, depending, on how I feel. As a hairstylist sometimes two, just great too feel clean...love baths, but this is only about once week with lots of bubbles, candles sometimes and a good book! Usually though I can't stay in long enough to read...it can be too hot in the bathroom, so it is nice to get up and shower off! It is so nice to soak and just relax in a tub full of steamy water...just so nice and soothing...a great pleasure! :)

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  • Rada S
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    If I need to shave my legs, a bath in the morning or night. If I need to wash my long hair a shower is great...I am not good at propping my legs to shave in the shower.

    ..In the summer almost always in the AM unless I have been swimming during the day then I will bath at night to get all the sunscreen off for bed...:)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Oh WarrenD, Welcome back. are you sure that this is "CLEAN" enough for YAHOO??? :)))))))))) Thought you would like that.

    I am like you, LOVE A LONG-HOT-AS-POSSIBLE-SOAK, add some bubbles and epsom salts "FROM TENNESSEE" and you have a bath made in Heaven. When I do not plan on doing physical work, I like a long hot bath at night, for relaxing sleep. Week ends I like early morning bath. Summer, If extremely hot days, I bath in morning and then run a tub of hot water and let it cool, and sit in it like a pool to bring down my body temp. I do not like much AC makes me bronchial trouble.

    This was a fun question. Showers are to quick and most men like those, but when you hurt in joints this really is a way to loosen them up and allows you to rest well.

    Peace and LOVE Nancy

    Edit: when you use a tub you stand up and rinse off "that dirty water", DUH!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Shower 2--3 times a day if necessary ,,,,Baths no Just something about laying in your own funk Unggg!! If need be I'll go and use the whirlpool to soak these aching bones Sorry just my opinion

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your recommendation is great and very helpful. My husband is doing just the same as you are doing. As for me I only have a bath every morning. I just take a body shower in the late afternoon. That is washing not my hair. I have only to wash my whole body and that made me feel comfortable and have a restful sleep at night. Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi Warren,

    Most definitely a shower. Really hot one in the morning. I also wash my hair everyday. I know its not good (for my hair) to do that but I don’t feel really clean unless my hair is clean also. For me there is just something I don’t like about sitting in water. I don’t know if it is (like Andrew said) laying in your own funk or what. I don’t even like whirlpool baths or hot tubs. A shower is so cleansing. I like to be squeaky clean.

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