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Did no Jews die in 9/11?

A friend just told me that New York is crawling with Jews yet no Jew died in 9/11. Could this be because they are the chosen people and that God Chose his chosen children to stay away from work that morning?


The Jews who claim Jews died, can you please provide names so I can do some research and prove your case. I want to do my own study which will include visiting the families of the so called Jews that died. I suspect that no Jews died thats why no such evidence has been put forward to date.

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    Boy Yahoo! Answers is indeed riddled with shills.

    Many may already know about the 5 dancing Israelis on 9/11 in NYC dressed as Arabs (Mossad ) with all the money and box cutters and the bombsniffing dogs found bombs in their Movervan. And then the other car that was parked at Washington bridge full of bombs on 9/11.

    BTW the Anthrax Letters sent to DC after 9/11 were NOT sent by an Arab Muslim but by a Jewish gentleman.

    with the intent to FRAME an Arab Muslim.

    This would strongly suggest that the entire sequence of recent events has been one frame-up.

    It also would explain why the US Government is itself classifying evidence that links some of the arrested Israeli spies.

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    It has a lot more to do with Odigo which is believed to be a Mossad front company paging its Jewish clients and warning them not to go into work in the WTC that day.

    There is a lot of propaganda about this, but actually no more than 1 jew maximun died.

    Just do a web search on "odigo"'+"9/11".

    As others have shown, Y!A blocks links to sites which point to Zionist and Israeli involvement in 9/11.

    There much more evidence such as the 'five dancing Israels' and the "urban moving systems" another Mossad front company implicated in the events.

    The then owner of the WTC Larry Sliverstein is known to have had close connections with Binyamin Netanyahu of hard line Israeli Lukkud party.

    happy research, all roads lead to the one place.

    edit: There's full time shills employed by agencies to discount the facts a 'conspiracy theories'. They seem to be banking that eveyone can't tell the difference between 'theory' and 'fact' , let alone between 'information' and (their) 'disinformation'.

    Source(s): BTW both are wiki are Zionist disinfo sites used to cover help their crimes.They should be disgarded as such.
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    Common Jews died but big head Jews didnt die. Larry Silverstein.

    Common Jews are nothing but collateral damage to the big Jews.

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    Unfortunately what your friend told you is not true. I truly wish no one, Jew or otherwise had died on 9/11- but the truth is that over 300 Jews died on 9/11.

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    There are quite a few people on here who are convinced that 9/11 is a massive conspiracy and an inside job, put together by the CIA,Mossad,Starbucks,KFC and any other organisation that they can think of. They are in denial,they will not accept that the deed was carried out by a few very misguided Muslims, you therefore cannot expect these idiots to accept that Jews were amongst the casualties.

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    Yes Jews did die, stop believing in Jewish conspiracies if you listen to them all you'll soon believe that we live in a world like the Matrix run by Jews

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    None died 'cos as you said they didn't come to work. Simple--they were warned off by the powers that did it. And so who did it? Al-Qaeda? Muslims? I don't think so.

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    You have to admit, it is a awful coincidence that many Jews did not turn up to work that day...

    As terrible as it sounds - there are too many unanswered questions about 9/11...

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    And you wonder why the CT movement keeps on trucking.

    Edit for the comment below.

    Not turning up for work? Balderdash.

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    There were 5 Israeli citizens who died on 9/11. I don't really think that they were Israeli Arabs.

    There were certainly more Jews, particularly among the American victims.

    I heard this claim before. It's the typical anti-semitic propaganda of some conspiracy theorists who claim all kinds of stuff. Don't believe such nonsense.

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