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Why does my female cat hiss and growl over furry toys?

I have a female cat and a male cat. They are both about 10 months old and are siblings. When I bring out a furry toy with feathers the female cat grabs it and runs away. If you even try to get near her or take it away she growls and hisses like crazy! She won't let her brother get near her either and hisses and growls at him. Other than this she is the sweetest most easy going cat. I am wondering why she only displays this type of behavior when she gets ahold of a furry toy with feathers.

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    Cats growl when they grapple with their prey. Your cat is just playing, which in cats is just following their natural predatory instincts.

    If she is hissing at her toys, she might be pretending they are kittens. Mother cats hiss at their babies to discipline them. As an aside, if your cat does something naughty, such as biting you when you try to pet her, hiss at her and she will get the message.

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    As an avid cat lover I comprehend your concern. There are some attainable issues. one million. She's in warmth and has discovered a marginally handsome male cat outdoors. 2. She has been injured or is ill in some way (that is precious to to take her to the vet if the area persists) 3. She is previous and could have an occasional tantrum...

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    Having been around cats for over half a century I can say with confidence that she is practicing. Female cats are hunters, they have to be to feed their babies. She just happens to be an over-achiever. It's okay. As she ages and realizes she won't have to hunt for her food this phase will pass. Watch her schooling herself and enjoy!

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    It's pretty obvious really. She's protecting her "prey". The toy is a "bird" that's she's hunted and caught.

    God help your local birds when she gets out and starts hunting for real!

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    the fury feathery toy is like a mouse or bird for her. she thinks that she has caught a big prey. and she doesn't want anyone to get her catch. mine would do that with little mice.

    hope this helps

    Source(s): lady with 21 fixed cats
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    it resembles the cats natural prey, so naturally the cat claims it and protects its prize from other predators as if were a real bird

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    I think angel bunny is right. Maybe she thinks it is her child? My dog has a small sheep, and she goes nuts when you take it from her. She takes it everywhere she goes. When she goes to the vet, she has to take it with her.

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    she's playing mommy with it.

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