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should the NHL adopt the larger Olympic-sized rinks?

Olympic hockey rinks are larger than NHL rinks, so should the NHL change its rinks to olympic size. that would give players more room to maneuver on the ice, right?


Like - so why doesn't the NHL do it?

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    phlegm..............No NHL venue has been built to accomodate the larger ice surface?

    With the exceptopn of the Northlands Coliseum/Rexall Place all NHL rinks in Canada can switch between both IIHF and NHL sized ice surfaces. The 1988 Olympics in Calgary were played using the IIHF size. 2004 World Cup exhibition games in Toronto and Vancouver used the IIHF capabilities in both arenas.

    The new Penguins arena will have the flexibility to use both international and IIHF sized ice surfaces.

    Almost every NHL arena in the last 15 years has been built to be convertible in case that city hosts an IIHF sanctioned game or the NHL decides to make the change.

    Mr.Peabody, the United Centre in Chicago can accomodate an IIHF arena if need be, the pipes for the ice are in place.

    If I recall correctly, they would lose about 1300 seats in the process. The extra 15 feet comes from the side opposite the player's benches so the current players benches would remain where they are, but the penalty boxes would be moved. Like Calgary and the Bell Centre in Montreal, you can't tell where the change would happen, but there was a lot of talk after Salt Lake City about bigger rinks and I was assured that the United Ctr was fully IIHF capable if need be as per the instructions above.

    Copps Coliseum in Hamilton is also convertible I believe.

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    In theory it's a great idea cause they could seat larger crowds meaning more revenue as well as a more open game. The drawback is that the United Center cost about $175,000,000

    Multiplying that by 30 means the NHL would have to raise at least $5,000,000,000 to have 30 Olympic size rinks. Even Bettman couldn't pull that off. An intriguing question might be if the NHL ever operates a European division whether they would ignore the difference in size or change the rules to compensate for the games played on the bigger surface.

    Thanks to LITY.... for the heads up on the United Center. Do you have any info on how the seating capacity would be affected?

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think they should keep all rinks different sizes and shapes. Bring more to the term "Home Ice Advantage". I mean Baseball has all kinds of different sized fields so why not rinks??

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  • 1 decade ago

    That would be nice to see, but therein lies the problem with the older arenas having to be renovated to accompany the rule changes. I think someone said that the newer arenas have been built with that in mind, but how would the teams with older buildings be able to handle the additional expenses? That's where things get interesting...

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    no nhl venue has been built to accommodate the larger ice surface, and only a handful of college are that big. i don't ever see it happening.

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  • The owners, the NHLPA, and the commissioner are all dead-set against it due to revenue issues.

    Not going to happen.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'd like to see that happen. I think it would open up the game a little.

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