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Can you get short term/long term damage to your brain after binge drinking only once?

Two weeks ago, on New Years, I went out to the city with friends. I did a stupid thing and got drunk pretty heavily, for the first time, from a few shots of Vodka and two regular bottles of Smirnoff Double Blacks. The quantity of the alcohol wasn't much, but I still managed to black out for maybe 2 or 3 hours. I don't think I did many stupid things, as my friends were guiding me, and I do remember snippets of the night.

I want to stress my concern about the effect the alcohol could have on me. It's been two weeks now, and ever since then I've been feeling hung over. I feel as if I'm in a dreamlike state, my vision has been blurred, I've been extremely tired and I don't think my concentration is functioning quite as well as before. I am scared if these symptoms do not go away, and I stay feeling this way forever. Is there a possibility that it is only short term, and it will go away after a few months or so? Could I really have damaged many brain cells with only binge drinking once? I'm starting year 11 this year, and I really just want to get back to my normal self because study will get hard for me.

I'm 16 years old and have definitely learned from this. I am not going to touch alcohol ever again. In a way it's good that I did it now, rather than later, as I would've done it anyway at some point in my life to try it and it could've turned out a lot worse, I guess. :(

I've started taking fish oil and ginkgo biloba tablets to improve memory/concentration, as well enihacea.

I appreciate all help and comments!

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    Yes, you could have damaged many brain cells with only one binge. But the body heals. . . . The main thing is to have a good lifestyle and eat the right foods: No fast foods. Fish oil is good and once in awhile fresh wild Salmon would be good to eat instead of the fish oil. Good exercise and what I have been reading lately is that sleep helps heal. So get enough sleep each night.

    Here is a link to "The Basics: Binge drinking". Which at this point you probably know a lot about it already.http://www.afm.mb.ca/Learn%20More/BingeDrinking.pd...

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    The effects of the alcohol are long gone. They left after about 24 hours. What you feel is guilt and panic. It is entirely psychological. You are so paranoid about having consumed alcohol that you are creating these symptoms within your mind.

    The fact that you believe in things like gingko, etc. is further evidence that you are highly susceptible to the suggestions of others.

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  • Jimbo
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    Though rare; it's possible you did mild damage - but only if your airway or breathing was constricted for a lengthy period of time - thus starving your brain of oxygen. Were you in an odd, or 'folded up' position while passed out? If so, that could explain it. Glad you learned your lesson though, and good luck.....

    Source(s): former mental health worker.
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