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What is it about "low energy" light bulbs that seems to worry my dogs?

Part of my house is the dogs kennel, their food, water and beds are there. The room is clean, warm and comfortable, and the dogs until recently were quite happy being there.

Doing my "green" bit, I put a "low energy" light bulb in the "kennel" room. When the "low energy" lamp is 'on' the dogs are really not very happy and will not go to the room by choice. Put the lamp back to a normal light bulb, or switch the low energy one 'off' the dogs are quite happy.

Whats going on here.

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    the electronics will produce a high frequency whistle which they do not like

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    Low energy bulbs are fluorescent, and the ballast in them buzzes, especially after it is just turned on. Some of the cheaper lamps buzz all the time, even after it has had time to warm up. They will get used to it after a while.

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    One of my dogs has a similar problem with those type of bulbs. She seems to always be looking at the ceiling for shadows to bark at. She used to sleep in my son's room but will not stay in the room with the door shut when the light is on now.

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    I got a Jack Russel and that is so true he does bounce of the walls and if he had to put a light bulb in, in would do it while bouncing off the walls.

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    Sometimes these bulbs will make noises, kind of like a low whirring noise. I've noticed the it myself. Since they grew up around the regular bulbs, the noise this one makes could be weirding them out.

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    You are just going to have to take your dogs on one side and tell them, as nicely as possible, that for the sake of the planet, and the prosperous future of our politicians, they are just going to have to get used to it.

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    Not sure about yours but ours are noisy they hum not all of them but some of the ones we bought are very noisy

  • Dogs are very perceptive. They can tell that these bulbs are a waste of money, and being forced to listen to their high-pitched whine constantly reminds them of this, thus agitating them.

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