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Im 16 and went to the orthopedic for back pain today.But they seemed to be concerned about something they found.They said they tested my reflex's and my right side is allot weaker and less reactive then my left.Also the kept feeling my feet like pushing them down or something...they said my left foot wasn't pulling against them like it was supposed to.And then they did something and my left foot started to shake uncontrollably..i was getting freaked out b/c they kept walking in and out of the room like something was wrong.Then they came and told me to make and appointment with a neurosurgeon....please tell me what could be wrong

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    I'm not sure why doctors often don't share their concerns with patients, it just causes unnecessary worry. I think a lot of it comes down to poor personal skills.

    Anyway, I've actually been on the other side of this one. I had and still have what a very busy neurosurgeon called the largest ruptured disk he's seen in 35 years of practice. We became familiar with each other when I crawled into an emergency room in pain.

    Now after the MRI he can in the room and he pricked me and pocked me and had me push and pull and do all sorts of thing until I got rather mad with him. Thing was, with a rupture that size, he couldn't believe that I didn't have numbness or weakness or anything other than extreme pain, lucky me.

    Anyway, you are showing symptoms of nerve problems, the weakness, the slow reflexes and so on.

    Now that's really not something to get too panicked about. The good news is they fix those sorts of things, usually without all that much difficulty now a days. In other words, your prognosis is good.

    Thing is, it might take back surgery or it's likely to take back surgery.

    Now the big problem with doing nothing is a strange thing happens to muscles when the nerve is pressured like that, they atropy, shrink and seem to go away, and they do it pretty fast sometimes. So if the nerve is being seriously pinched, you will need to have surgery pretty fast.

    Now sometimes surgery isn't necessary. A little bed rest, maybe some traction, a lot depends on why. Some people will have syptoms from a bulge, not even a rupture. Often those will fix themselves with a bit of rest. Or they have a neat needle that is inserted into the disk and like a water jet takes out the jelly insides and fixes you right up.

    But it's all going to depend on your exact situation. So they are going to evaluate you. Probably do an MRI if you haven't already had one. Maybe try a couple of things maybe not. Go to a good doctor and chances are really good that in just a bit of time with a bit of recovery, you will be fine.

    I have a friend that had the surgery, and it stuck in my mind because 3 days after the surgery we were pallbearers carrying a shall we say no light friend out of the church. And not one of us thought of it until afterwards and he just said he couldn't have done it a week ago, but it didn't bother at all now, so his recovery time was like the car ride home. I hope it turns out like that for you too.

    Oh, and I should mention, that you are lucky in a way that with the back pain, that's very likely the spot of problems. You could have symptoms like that with head injuries and correcting them is much more problematic.


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    If your family doctor sent you to the orthopedic specialist, then he/she should be informed about why and what they think it is.

    Many times, they are not sure and just want another specialist to rule out (eliminate) some possible problem. In those cases, they don't want to worry the patient about the worst possible outcome, but want to examine and make sure it isn't first.

    But as the patient, you have a right to know what they are doing. At least get someone you trust to get the information and get them to work out if this is the right path for you.

    With the back, if your stance has been favouring one side or another as you stand, then the muscles would press against the lower back and cause the pain. Examining the feet/ leg may have been a smart move.

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    I'm not a doctor, but it sounds like sciatic nerve problems. The sciatic nerves run from the spinal cord out between special spaces in the backbone. Here they service the lower back and down to the legs (The spinal cord itself goes no farther than your tail bone). Sometimes changes in the backbones cause the nerves to be pinched between these spaces. This can cause quite a lot of back pain and because sciatic nerves also run down to your feet, there may be weakness and numbness in the lower limbs. These nerves are arranged in pairs, so one side of your body might be affected and the other not. I assume surgery is probably the most direct way of dealing with this problem if it becomes severe. Physical therapy might be another way of straightening your back and you probably will receive lots of physical therapy if surgery is preformed. However, you are just 16 and still have some growing to do. There is the possibility this problem might solve itself as you get taller. If you are overweight, I suggest loosing weight. This will put less strain on your back.

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    Have they done any diagnostic tests? MRI, cat scan, etc.? That will give a lot more info.

    These symptoms could be caused by many things - so see the neurosurgeon ASAP.

    Try not to worry until you have a specific reason, instead of weird symptoms.

    Meanwhile, take good care of yourself [ healthy diet, light exercise like walking/swimming, and vitamins ] and try to get plenty of sleep.

    Source(s): RN - had a few 'weird' symptoms in my time, too!
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    First and foremost, stop worrying. I know, easier said that done but because you do not have a clear diagnosis, worrying does you no good. It seems they were testing you reflexes and reactions in the nerves.

    I know you are young, but no matter what it could be, things can be done to correct almost any physical problem.

    Good luck!

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    something similar happened to my neice, but we didn't catch it until it was literally almost too late. have you ever had a spinal tap? my neice had menongitas when she was around two and had a spinal tap to figure out what kind it was. well apparantly when they do those skin cells can get on the syringe and implant into your spine. my neice literally was growing skin around her spine, it hindered everything including her nerves, her reflexes, the way she walked, everything and noooobody could figure it out for almost three years after symptoms started. she immediatley had to have surgery to remove it and she is and has been for the last three years completley normal. if you haven't had a spinal tap recently it still sounds like something to do with your back. honestley with the technology we have today i think you can feel pretty secure in having a surgery. it's going to be painful, but at least they caught whatever it was.

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    I have scoliosis and sometimes I get that... Scoliosis for people who don't know is a curvature of the spine... Anyway I occasionally get symptoms like that but I think you may have noticed if you have scoliosis. Either way I hope you feel better/get better soon mate.

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    That's crazy. The first thing that came to my mind was that it sounded like you'd had a stroke. But you'd know if you had. Don't mean to scare you, but since you asked, it sounds like it could be either a tumor or an anyeurism... especially since they want you to see a neurosurgeon.

  • Its probably nothing, orthapedists always get worked up, its probably a small infection or something. just make an appointment and dont worry, your only 16.

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    Something on your right side is causing you to be weak. It will get fixed easily no worries man.

    Feel better.

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