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how to get domestic assault charges dropped?

A friend of mine called the cops on my boyfriend and I because I was crying outside my apt trying to cool off cause we had gotten in a fight. When the cops came they took my BF for domestic assault saying they say probable cause because i had marks on me. The marks however are not from him he never touched me they are from working with horses which i do everyday. I'm wondering if i can get any advice on what will happen to him or how to get this dropped? - Is this your question? Add additional information

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    It's out of your hands. The prosecutor will decide whether to press charges now. The reason it is like this is because women will often change their minds and not want their abusor to get in trouble after it's over. So to protect the women, the law was changed to where once it's reported, it's out of their hands. The women are victims but they often have battered women's syndrome, similar to Stockholm Syndrome where a victim sides with their captor or abusor. If your bf is innocent, that will be evident in court and you should have not problems.

    Source(s): I'm in California, but I believe this is the rule for all states.
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    Usually depends on the state you live in. However 9/10 times there is not much you can do. When the law is called someone must go to jail. The Justice System is cutting down hard on domestic violence. Since allot of murders are domestic related. You can talk to your District Attorney/Prosecutor, about dropping the charges or some know it as noel process. Its up to the prosecutor whether or not he wants to continue the charges or to drop them. Friend of mines husband beat her and she wanted to drop it but he was still prosecuted. If this is a repeating matter, leave before it gets worse. Good Luck

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    The cops didn;t have probable cause based only on the marks. Obviously you're holding something back because a case is based on the actions that your boyfriend is accused of committing. Obviously there is a story being relied on to prosecute your boyfriend. You can contact his attorney about how you can testify on his behalf.

    There is nothing you can do to have criminal charges dropped - that's the decision of the prosecutor. It used to be that they took the will of the purported victim into consideration in dropping the case, but too many of these victims ended up victimized by the people they cleared.

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    First of all, I think that you need to be honest with yourself. If he did abuse you and the reason you are doing this is because he is pressuring you to...I would just say that you should let the law take care of it, and be comforted in knowing that he will not hurt you again. However, if he really didn't do anything wrong, I can tell you how to get him off of the charge. First of all, have him go to an anger management class (It looks good to a judge). Then hire an attorney and when he goes for his court date, be sure to go with him and walk into the room with your arm linked with will help him out, trust me.

    Source(s): I'm going for the bar in a couple of months.
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    Sounds like a jerk anyway. Why would any man make a woman cry? Let him do his time. And lose the d**k, then we’ll see who’s crying.

    I am always shocked when I see a woman getting abused by their ‘boyfriends’. It never gets better, never!! It gets worse until her beats your face so no one else will want you.

    I see it alllll the time, every day. And these aren’t ugly ladies, until the boyfriend breaks an eye socket or knocks out a few teeth.

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